HSPT Test Retake Policy

Can I Retake the HSPT?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) measures the knowledge and skills of students entering high school in order to assist with admissions, scholarships and placement. Students who are preparing to take the HSPT examination may be concerned about whether or not they can take the test again if they do not perform well; however, there is no definitive policy in place for retaking HSPT exams.

Whether or not a student will be able to take the test a second time is at the discretion of the school where they took the test. A school or diocese may allow a student to retake the HSPT test if there are extenuating circumstances. Each situation is reviewed independently, and the school or diocese will consider the factors relevant to that specific individual's request to retest.

Since there is no standard retake policy in place, there are no clear guidelines on what, if any, restrictions may apply to individuals retaking the HSPT test. Any decision about how long a student needs to wait to retake the HSPT is up to the school or diocese where the student is taking the test.

Preparing to Retake the HSPT

Students who are permitted to take the HSPT again may want to consider using a prep course, study strategies and test-taking tips to ensure they perform as well as possible.

Online Study Guide

Our HSPT Test: Practice & Study Guide Course takes students through all of the information they could be tested on when they take the HSPT. The course includes 384 lessons on various algebra, geometry, grammar, writing, and reading comprehension topics. Students can work through the material at their own pace, and access it on any computer or mobile device. The lessons also come with short self-assessment quizzes and a practice exam that can help students gauge their readiness to retake the HSPT.

Study Strategies

When studying for the HSPT, it can be a good idea to work with a study partner or a study group. This can help you to stay accountable so that you don't skip study sessions or focus on parts of the test that you find easier. If you're studying on your own, you may want to schedule blocks of study time to ensure that you have time to address all the areas you need to study.

Test-Taking Tips

There are some specific things that you can do while taking the HSPT test that will help you perform as well as possible. These include:

  • Pay close attention to the instructions given for the test so that you avoid making mistakes.
  • Carefully read all of the test questions to be certain you know what the test is asking you to do.
  • Budget your time so that you can make sure you finish before the end of the testing period. If you are stuck on a particular question, you may want to move on and revisit it at the end if you have time.
  • If you don't know the answer, make an educated guess, since points are not deducted for wrong answers.

What the HSPT is, how it's used and what it covers are discussed here. The scoring system is also explained, and individuals can review some tips to keep in mind when they take the HSPT.

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