HSPT Test Score Information

Scores Given on HSPT Exams

Scores on the High School Placement Test (HSPT) are derived by taking the number of correct answers on a student's test and converting it to a standard score. Each student's standard score is compared to test results from a national sample of students. The highest score a student can receive is 99. The lowest possible score is 1. An individual's score refers to how many students in the national sample that she performed as well as or better than. A student who earned a score of 39, for example, did as well as or better than 39% of that same sample. A student earning a 92 did as well as or better than 92% of the national sample of test-takers.

What Is a Good HSPT Score?

Since the scores are reported as percentiles, an average score on the HSPT would be 50. The higher a person's HSPT score, the better he or she did on the test.

How Many Scores Do HSPT Test-Takers Receive?

HSPT test-takers are evaluated in a number of different areas through a series of mathematical, quantitative, reading, verbal and language subtests.

Students receive scores for each subtest. These individual subtest scores are also combined to create a Total Basic Skills score, a Battery Composite score and a Total Cognitive Skills score.

Total Basic Skills Score: This score is determined by combining an individual's results on the mathematics, language and reading parts of the HSPT.

Total Cognitive Skills Score: This score is determined by looking at the results a student earns on the verbal and quantitative subtests.

Battery Composite Score: The Battery Composite score is determined from a test-taker's results on most parts of the HSPT. It considers his or her quantitative results as well as how the individual did on the verbal, language, reading and mathematics subtests.

At the discretion of a school, students may also be given a science test or other special tests, such as a Catholic knowledge test. If a school opts to use these tests, the results aren't included in the Battery Composite score.

HSPT Study Materials

In some cases, students are taking HSPT exams to try to earn a scholarship to a private high school or they are trying to gain admission to a prestigious high school that requires students to apply. Other students may be required to take the HSPT tests to determine what type of courses they should be taking in high school. Students will want to do as well as they can so that they have as many options as possible when starting high school.

To thoroughly prepare, it is a good idea to take study courses, such as the HSPT Test: Practice & Study Guide. This course was created specifically to help students prepare for the HSPT exams. It contains 384 lessons that cover all of the information students are tested on. The course offers the advantages of being accessible online and being self-paced so that students can fit study time in wherever they have an internet connection and a smart phone and whenever it's convenient for them.

What are the HSPT Exams?

What the HSPT is, how it's used and what it covers are discussed here. The scoring system is also explained, and individuals can review some tips to keep in mind when they take the HSPT.

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