ILTS Exam Registration Information


Registering for the ILTS Exam

Individuals who are interested in working as licensed teachers in the state of Illinois are required to register for and take one or more of the Illinois Licensure Testing System exams.

To register for these exams, you must first determine which tests you will need to take. This information may be available to you if you are enrolled in a college or university education program through career advisement. Additionally, you can visit the Illinois State Board of Education website to confirm what tests you must take. Generally, the subject and level at which you plan to teach will determine what test or tests you will need to register for.

When you're ready to register for an ILTS Exam, you can visit the ILTS website and create an account. Once you have an account, you will be able to register for the exams that you have determined you need to take. Upon registering, you will also need to pay the exam-specific testing fee in addition to selecting a test date, time, and location that works for your schedule.

Changes to Registration

If you need to make any changes to your test date, time, or location, you can do so through your online account. Keep in mind that you must change your registration info at least 24 hours before your current testing appointment. If you need to change the test you've signed up for, you'll need to withdraw your registration and start the process all over again.

Preparing for the ILTS Exam

After registering for the ILTS exams, you may want to begin thinking about preparing for exam day.

The ILTS website provides detailed information about each ILTS exam. You may want to begin by using some of the following resources:

  • Test frameworks will outline all of the topics and areas that are covered on the exam. The framework may help you create a study schedule based on the test day you signed up for and the amount of time you think it will take you to master all of the material on the framework.
  • Study guides provided on the ILTS website cover all of the material that appears on the test framework in greater detail.
  • ILTS practice tests are also available to help determine whether or not you have adequately covered the material.

The ILTS website also provides a number of other resources that you may find helpful as you prepare for your ILTS exams. For example, you can take a virtual tour of the test center where you will take the exam. This may be particularly helpful to test takers who suffer from any test-day anxiety. Because the exams are offered on the computer, the website also provides a tutorial video about computer-based tests, which may also help alleviate nerves associated with test day. Resources

If you are interested in other online test preparation resources, also provides a large number of online ILTS Exam Study Guides that you may find helpful as you prepare for your exams. Each study guide is broken down into chapters that are further organized by lessons. This format allows you to move through the material that you want to cover at your own pace and identify any areas that may cause concern.

Additionally, has prepared many ILTS Practice Tests that you can use as a tool to gauge your preparedness after completing the study guides.

ILTS is the testing system by which the Illinois State Board of Education assesses the qualifications of applicants for teaching licenses. Learn about the different types of ILTS tests and find out which ones you may be required to take for state licensure.

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