Indiana Biology Standards

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Make sure you're familiar with Indiana's biology standards by checking out this article. You'll be able to explore what students will study in this class. You can also learn about online study resources.

Indiana's Biology Standards

Indiana offers biology as a high school science class. The class is shaped by three major types of standards:

Science and Engineering Process Standards

These standards deal with the scientific skills that students should develop throughout this course. Students in this class will work on asking questions and fully understanding engineering problems. At this grade, students will work on setting up and carrying out scientific investigations. They will need to be able to come up with solutions and explanations to problems, take part in scientific arguments and communicate effectively.

Time will be spent learning how to understand data. Students will also have the chance to work with:

  • Diagrams and drawings
  • Technical models and replicas
  • Rulers, protractors and calculators
  • Lab equipment and safety wear
  • Spreadsheets and other software

Mathematics plays an important role in scientific understanding. Students will need to:

  • Solve equations
  • Use quantitative relationships
  • Test predictions with mathematics

Biology Content Standards

Students will learn about different macromolecules and chemical elements. They will study cellular processes and the molecules these processes involve. They will also work on understanding the role of the cell membrane and other cell structures and systems.

Class time will be spent focusing on photosynthesis, cellular respiration, the carbon cycle and the movement of energy throughout an ecosystem. Students will examine how ecosystems function, as well as how these systems can be affected by outside forces.

Biology students will learn about DNA, chromosomes, cellular division and genetic variations found in different populations. They will learn about the classification of living organisms, as well as biological evolution. Students will focus on natural selection. They will also learn more about the factors that lead to evolution. The fossil record will be discussed in this class.

This online High School Biology Study Guide can help students review what they're learning at their own pace. Students can explore short lessons that deal with DNA, cellular structures and functions, an overview of evolution and more. This course includes interactive quizzes that allow students to easily measure their understanding of different subject areas. They can also get in contact with biology experts if they have any questions.

Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects Standards

Students will need to develop their literacy in this class by reading a variety of scientific texts. They will also draw evidence from these texts and demonstrate that they can follow written directions. Students will need to understand terms and symbols. Additionally, they will need to examine the goal of the writer.

In this class, students should be able to create a chart or table based on what they've read. They will compare what they've read to other texts and discuss connections between these pieces of writing. Additionally, students need to plan, draft, write and produce some arguments and informative texts. Students should be able to demonstrate research skills.

Biology students can work through this course on informational text to build up the skills that are needed to read and write this type of text. These short lessons cover an array of topics related to informational text, including but not limited to, informational writing, inference, getting the gist and technical communication.

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