Inflectional Endings Teaching Activities

Instructor: Eric Campos

Eric has tutored in English, writing, history, and other subjects.

Learning about inflectional endings is a major step in being able to construct sentences and develop reading and writing skills. You can use various activities to assess your students' abilities to recognize and use inflectional endings in context. Below are a few that you can use to introduce beginning readers to inflectional endings.

Front Board Activities

There are several inflectional endings activities that can be easily done on the front board of the classroom, thus bringing the entire class together to learn. Simply write several words on the board and have students approach and add inflectional endings to each. Then have them read the words and describe the new meanings. This will test their capacity to actively use inflectional endings and demonstrate that they can match the appropriate endings to the given words.

Let's look at another activity for the board, this time focusing on the inflectional endings themselves. Begin by writing down and separating the different inflectional endings at the top of the board. Then, as a class have the students come up with words that use the endings effectively. Here's what your board would first look like:

s es ing ed

Your board will look something like this once students start adding words to it:

s es ing ed
socks dresses singing tricked
skaters fixes laughing looked

Inflectional Ending Word Searches

Simply print out a writing sample for the students to read and have them circle all the words with inflectional endings. This is a great way for students to put their skills to the test and see inflectional endings being used in written documents. This activity can also be tied into a reading comprehension lesson by having students point out words with inflectional endings in a lesson's reading passage. Students can then identify how the inflectional words have changed the meaning of the passage.

Teaching Resources

For more information about inflectional endings, check out's resource by the name of Inflectional Endings: Definition & Examples. This lesson can be used in class with your students to expand their comprehension of inflectional endings and how they modify words. Another resource you may find of value in is Teaching Phonics in the Classroom. In this lesson, you'll learn more about teaching phonics as a whole, but you'll also find some ideas that you can apply to inflectional endings exercises.

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