Inserting Custom Slides into Videos

Instructor: Raya Maggay
In this, we'll show you how to insert your own custom slides into Videos to give your own personal touch to our video lessons! Learn more here.

Video Transcription

Adding Custom Slides into Videos

In this video, you'll learn how to create custom slides and integrate them into videos so that you can insert additional material, or pauses for activities or discussion during your lecture. Let's get started!

Video notes

The video notes features let you add slides directly into a video lesson, and can help you personalize videos to use in class, or to integrate into lectures. So how can you add slides?

  • Navigate to a video lesson (I am looking at the 'What is Geometry?' lesson here). First, search for a lesson that you want to use in the classroom.

Note: view 0:33 in video

  • Under the 'Teacher tools' header you can see the 'Add slides to video option'. Click 'Learn More'.

Note: view 0:39 in video

  • You can add up to 10 slides per lesson. Let's add one at the beginning of the video to get class started.
  • Click 'Create a slide' and type the text you want to appear on the slide.
  • Let's put a quick warm up activity in there for now - you could provide instructions for a worksheet you have handed out, a few questions to check their current understanding of the topic, or learning objectives for students to write down. Any text you'd like to have appear!
  • I am going to add:

''What do you know about geometry already?

Write down a question you would like to ask about geometry at the end of the lesson.''

Note: view 0:51 in video

And then click 'Save slide' to add this slide to the lesson.

  • Now you can see that when you go to play the video, the slide appears with a button that says 'Continue' - this is great because you don't need to remember to pause the video for each slide - it will pause automatically.
  • To add another slide, play the video and pause at the point in the video where you want to create another video slide. And repeat the process. Can show this for another point in the video.
  • All of your newly created slides will appear below the video slides text box.

'Note: view 1:37 in video

I also want to point out here that these video slides are unique to your account - if you assign this lesson to your classroom, your students will not see them when viewing the lesson in their account.

Editing a video slide

Let's talk about editing slides. What if you want to edit these slides in the future?

  • Go back to the lesson where you have made the slides.
  • Expand the video slides sidebar item like we did before.
  • Mouse over the slide you want to edit and click on the pencil icon.

Note: view 2:07 in video

  • Edit your slide in the text box and click Save.

Deleting a video slide

Additionally, you can delete a slide by:

  • Expanding the video slides sidebar item.
  • Mousing over the slide you want to delete and click on the 'delete' icon.
  • Your slide will now be deleted.


  • There are two ways to skip directly to a video slide.
  • Mouse over the video and click on a video slide marker to skip directly to a video slide.

Note: view 2:24 in video

Expand the video slide sidebar item and hover or mouse over a video slide item. Click on the timestamp to skip directly to the video slide.

Thank you for watching this demo about teacher video notes! Next, we'll discuss how you can use our Quiz Party game for a fun snap assessment in class.

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