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Why Take the Independent School Entrance Exam?

Families interested in enrolling their student in a private, independent school could benefit from having them take the Independent School Entrance Exam, known as the ISEE. The exam can be taken by students in grades 2-12. Testing is overseen by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB).

What Is the Online ISEE Registration Process?

Parents will first need to visit the ERB website. The steps for registering online are outlined below.

Step 1: Create an ERB Account

Parents can register their student on the ERB website. This process requires logging into a parent account or creating a new one, especially if a student's most recent testing activity was before July 1, 2016. By creating an ERB account, parents are able to view scoring results and schedule tests for all the students in their household.

It should be noted that parents of students who require special testing accommodations must file a request form before registering for a testing session.

Step 2: Select a Testing Date

The ERB offers students several possible testing windows. Students can register for a test date during one or all of the testing seasons available: Fall (August-November), Winter (December-March), and Spring/Summer (April-July). Registration for testing sessions will close two weeks prior to a scheduled testing date.

Step 3: Select a Testing Center

The ERB also offers several options when it comes to testing centers. Registration fees will be specific to the testing location parents select.

  • Large Group Testing at an ERB Member School: Parents can choose a local ERB member school for the ISEE test. Online registration for this option costs $110. The ERB also offers late registration online for a fee of $135.
  • Small Group Testing at a Testing Center: If a student prefers a small group, the ERB does offer smaller testing sessions at some testing centers. The fee for online registration is $180. Individual testing is also available at these testing centers. Registration costs $210, but parents will need to contact their location of choice.
  • Prometric Centers: Prometric centers are an option for students in grades 5-12. Parents will need to visit the ERB website to find the link for Prometric registration. It should be noted that these centers are not just for ISEE testing. The fee for Prometric registration is $190.

Registration by Mail or Phone

Parents who want to register by mail will need to call the ERB school to which their student is applying in order to obtain a paper registration form. Mail registration is available for large and small group testing options and costs the same as online registration.

Phone-in registration also requires parents to contact their location of choice. This option is slightly more expensive, with registration fees costing $25 more than the online or mail registration options at large and small group testing sites.

Late registration via phone is also an option when scheduling an appointment for large group testing at a member school. The fee is $135.

Walk-In Registration

Only select ISEE school testing sites offer walk-in registration. It is recommended that parents contact the location of their choice to see if any walk-in registrations are available for the testing date they want.

Parents must bring a physical copy of the registration form with them. Along with the regular testing fee, parents must pay an additional $40 as a walk-in registrant.

Registration Fee Waivers

Families can apply for a registration fee waiver via the Ben D. Wood Waiver Program. The waiver is applicable for the Prometric testing option or the large group one. Parents will need to contact the ERB school their child is applying to in order to request this waiver.

Preparing for the ISEE Test

Once parents have selected their testing session, they may want to help their child prepare for the test. offers several study aids for families:

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This article looks at the ISEE test, what it is, how it's used and the different grade levels that the ISEE test is designed for. It also touches on the test content, testing fees and study resources.

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