ISEE Test Accommodations

Are There Accommodations for the ISEE?

The Independent School Entrance Exam, known as the ISEE, is administered by the Educational Record Bureau (ERB). The ERB will work with families whose students have documented physical or learning differences. It should be noted that the ISEE score report will not indicate that your student qualified for special accommodations.

How Does a Student Qualify for Accommodations?

The ERB provides accommodations for students if they have a special need that requires them. You must provide the ERB with comprehensive material documenting the need for testing accommodations. You must also prove that your student already receives testing accommodations within his or her current school.

How Do I Request Accommodations for My Student?

You will need to visit the ERB website to register for a parent account. After creating an account, you will be able to complete an accommodations request for your child. ERB will then review your request and email you the ISEE testing accommodations packet. As part of this accommodations packet, your child's school will need to complete a current school statement section that must be signed and dated.

The accommodations packet will also contain an explanation of what constitutes acceptable documentation and instructions for submitting your completed accommodations packet. The ERB has several options for acceptable documentation. They are as follows:

  • A current Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 plan, or school accommodation plan
  • A comprehensive psycho-educational analysis
  • Students with a physical disability, such as deafness or legal blindness, or a medical condition like a chronic illness can submit a letter from their medical doctor

Testing for school accommodation plans and psycho-educational analyses must have been conducted within the last three years.

When Will I Hear Back from the ERB?

Once you submit your completed accommodations packet, the ERB may take up to three weeks to review the packet. It should be noted that the ERB does not want you to register for the ISEE test until you receive notice regarding your accommodations request. If you plan on applying for accommodations, ensure that you allow enough time for accommodations to be approved ahead of any test dates you have in mind.

How Do I Register for the ISEE Test?

The ERB will send you an email with the results of your accommodations request. You will then need to visit its website to register for the ISEE test. You will need to select a testing center and session that can accommodate your student's needs.

Although the ERB may approve your accommodations request, that does not guarantee a testing center will be able to meet all of your student's needs. Students who have multiple needs that cannot be accommodated for at nearby test centers must arrange for an individual testing session. Parents will need to contact the admissions office at an ISEE testing school to schedule their child's individual testing session.

Where Can I Find ISEE Study Resources?

Your student may benefit from utilizing the appropriate age-level study aids found below. Each one consists of self-paced video lessons and quizzes students can use to track their progress:

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This article looks at the ISEE test, what it is, how it's used and the different grade levels that the ISEE test is designed for. It also touches on the test content, testing fees and study resources.

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