ISEE Test Costs


Fees for the ISEE Test

Individuals who take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) must pay the test fees for the exam unless they have a waiver.

The test fees differ, depending on what type of testing environment is chosen. Test-takers who take the ISEE test as part of a large group of test-takers must pay $125 in testing fees. A fee of $195 applies to ISEE test-takers who opt to take the test as part of a small group. To take the test independently costs $225. Individual tests are also given at Prometric testing sites. The cost for taking the ISEE test individually at a Prometric site is $225.

Those who live in remote areas in the United States who need remote testing services are charged $240. The cost of remote testing in a foreign country is $265.

Extra Costs

There may be additional costs for some individuals taking the ISEE test.

Walk-In Registration

Test-takers who choose to register on test day will be required to pay an extra fee in addition to the standard applicable test cost. The walk-in registration fee is $40.

Late Registration

There is a late registration fee that applies to anyone who registers after the standard registration period. This fee is $155.

Phone Registration

Individuals who opt to register by phone will be charged an additional fee when registering. The phone registration fee is $25.

Retake Costs

Students who do not do well on the ISEE test or want to try to improve their score can take the test again. They must pay the applicable test fees each time they take the ISEE test.

Accepted Payment Methods

Individuals can use a personal check to pay ISEE test fees. Major credit cards, such as VISA and MasterCard, are also accepted. Individuals also have the option of paying with American Express or a waiver. Individuals who register by phone, or complete late registration, can only pay with an accepted credit card.

Waiver Program

There is a waiver program that covers the standard ISEE test fee costs. In order to receive a waiver for fees, students must apply for the waiver. The application must be processed by a school. Students will be required to select a school that they are applying to and apply through that school. The waiver is intended for students who demonstrate a financial need.

Waivers can cover individual testing at a Prometric site or large group testing at a school location. They do not cover small group testing.

ISEE Study Materials

One way to ensure that you are ready on your ISEE test day is to use reputable study course materials to review all of the information that is on the ISEE test. The courses linked to here are designed to help students study grade-appropriate testing information so that they are familiar with what they will be tested on. Each course has over 100 lessons that students can access online. The lessons allow students to work independently when it is convenient for them.

This article looks at the ISEE test, what it is, how it's used and the different grade levels that the ISEE test is designed for. It also touches on the test content, testing fees and study resources.

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