ISEE Test Retake Policy


Retaking the ISEE

Students may be required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) if they are seeking admission to a private school. In the event that students do not perform as well as they hoped they can take the ISEE test a second or third time as long as they comply with the retake policy. The ISEE is offered in testing windows. The testing windows are:

  • Fall testing period, from August to November
  • Winter testing period, from December to March
  • Spring and Summer testing period, from April to July

Each student is limited to one attempt at the ISEE test per testing period. This means that if a student took the test in August and did not pass or perform well he/she would have the option of taking the test again beginning in December. A total of three test attempts are allowed per year.

Switching Test Formats

The ISEE test is offered in two forms - an online, computer-based version and a paper version. Once students take the test in either form they are not limited to that testing format if they retake the ISEE test. For example, a student who takes the online version of the test in September may opt to take the paper version in January, the same way that a student who took the paper version of the ISEE test in October can opt to take the online version in March.

Registering for Retakes

The standard registration process applies to all retakes. The ERB website ( has an account portal for parents. Once they have set up an account they can use it to schedule an ISEE test and pay the test fees.

Cost of Retakes

The ISEE test has different prices, depending on the testing environment that is chosen. Individuals who are taking the ISEE test again must pay the full test price each time they take the test.

Test SettingTesting Price
Large Group Setting $110
Small Group Setting $180
Prometric Test Center $190
Individual Setting $210

These are the standard test fees. Individuals who register late or by phone may be required to pay extra costs. There is also an additional fee for walk-in registration.

Preparing to Retake the ISEE Test

Students who need or want to take the ISEE test again should consider whether they qualify for accommodations, which type of testing environment they would perform best in and the type of study resources they use to prepare for the exam.

Test Accommodations

Some students qualify to have their test or the testing conditions adjusted based on their needs. These accommodations typically apply to students who have a diagnosed disability or medical condition.

The ERB website has information about testing accommodations and the application process. It is important for parents to carefully review this information and apply for accommodations if their student qualifies because having his or her needs met during testing may improve performance on the ISEE test.

Testing Environment

Although it costs more money, it is an option for test-takers to have their test administered in a small group setting or to take the test by themselves. Students who are easily distracted may find that they do better in one of these environments.

ISEE Study Materials

Students who are going to take the ISEE test can use study materials, such as the courses listed here, to prepare for the examination. These study courses cover everything individuals will be tested on over the course of a hundred lessons or more. They also allow individuals to work through the material online at their convenience.

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This article looks at the ISEE test, what it is, how it's used and the different grade levels that the ISEE test is designed for. It also touches on the test content, testing fees and study resources.

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