Kindergarten Math Word Problems

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Word problems are useful tools to help students practice this math skills. Read this article to find some fun problems for kindergartners. You will also find additional educational tips and resources.

Addition Word Problems

Your birthday cake has ( x ) candles. Someone puts ( x ) more candles on the cake! Now how many candles do you have?

( x ) baby ducks hatched yesterday. ( x ) baby ducks hatched this morning. How many total ducks hatched?

These math problems help students practice their skills with addition, and can be adjusted as needed to fit your class. Students can learn more about this subject with this lesson on addition. The lesson provides an overview of addition, as well as steps for solving single digit and multi-digit addition problems.

Subtraction Word Problems

The panda has ( x ) pieces of bamboo. She eats ( x ) pieces. How many pieces of bamboo does she have left?

You blow ( x ) bubbles. The wind blows ( x ) of your bubbles away. How many bubbles do you have left?

Practicing these word problems is a great way to get students prepared to learn more about subtraction. Check out the engaging lesson on subtraction to give your students more information about this part of mathematics. The lesson overviews the steps for setting up, borrowing and solving subtraction problems, as well as a short quiz to test retention of the lesson's content.

Multiplication and Division

I have ( x ) bags all packed up. Each bag has ( x ) pieces of candy in it. How many pieces of candy do I have?

( x ) birds landed in the trees. ( x ) birds landed in each tree. How many trees did they land in?

Keep students focused on learning more about math with these lessons on multiplication and division. Working on these lessons is a great way to reinforce what you're learning in class, and can be used as teaching resources, homework or as test prep.

Other Kinds of Word Problems

Beyond basic math word problems, you can also help students understand the importance of reading a word problem all the way through by throwing in some 'trick' questions, like these:

I have ( x ) pencils. Some pencils are sharp and some a dull. How many of each kind do I have?

The student baked ( x ) cookies. Some of the cookies have icing, and some of the cookies do not. How many cookies have icing?

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