Kindergarten Word Walls: Ideas & Activities

Instructor: Leah Salyer
Word walls are important language development tools used in a variety of classrooms. Learn more about word walls and get some ideas for implementing word walls in a kindergarten classroom setting and activities that allow your students the opportunity to interact and learn from their word walls.

Using Word Walls

Word walls are a simple and useful classroom tool that consist of a series of words displayed as visual cues to help develop students' vocabulary and word recognition. Teachers may use these in all grades, but they are especially beneficial for early readers.

Word Wall Ideas

There are many different ways in which a teacher can design or incorporate word walls into the classroom setting. Some ideas for word walls are:

  • Teach word types with color: Use different colors for different types of words, such as nouns, verbs, names and places
  • Match words with images: Integrate pictures with the words listed
  • Keep it subject-specific: Create word walls for different subjects, such as math or science themed word walls
  • Take words mobile: Create portable word walls on white boards that can be moved around the room for different activities
  • Personalize your word wall: Use students' names and pictures as part of the word wall

Word Wall Activities

Word walls can be used in a variety of activities to continue practice with the words listed. At the kindergarten level, including pictures with words can help students associate words and spelling with images they know. Some examples of word wall activities are as follows:

  • Blend art and reading: Have students draw pictures of the words on the wall to include as part of the word wall
  • Introduce the ABCs: Let students alphabetize the words on the wall and try to add new words in alphabetical order
  • Create a team sport: Split the class into teams, giving each team words for the wall, then provide a definition and have the students determine the correct word to put on the wall
  • Play a matching game: Pass out pictures, add a word to the word wall, and have the class identify the picture that matches the word

More Resources

Get help starting up your own classroom's word wall or coming up with innovative ways to use your word wall as part of your teaching strategy using these helpful resources and lesson planning tools:

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