Life Cycle of a Frog Lesson Plan

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Use this lesson plan to teach your students about finding the main idea and supporting details in informational text. Then create a foldable to show the life cycle of a frog.

Learning Objectives

After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • name the stages in the life cycle of a frog
  • determine main idea and supporting details in text


  • 1 hour


Key Vocabulary

  • Amphibian
  • Tadpole
  • Life cycle
  • Metamorphosis

Curriculum Standards

  • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.5.2

Summarize a written text read aloud or information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.

  • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.5.2

Determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text.

  • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.5.2.d

Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to inform about or explain the topic.


  • Tell the class they will be reading about the life cycle of a frog and finding the main idea and supporting details in an informational text.
  • Build prior knowledge by playing the 'Stand and Deliver' game. Have students briefly preview our lesson Frog Life Cycle Lesson For Kids, then ask all students to stand up. Students can sit down after answering one of these questions:
    • What word is unfamiliar?
    • What do you know about frogs?
    • What do you think you'll learn today?
  • As a class, read the text lesson aloud in its entirety, encouraging them to watch for main ideas and supporting details in each paragraph.
  • Independently, ask students to go back over the lesson and highlight main ideas with one color highlighter and supporting details with another color.
  • Discuss their findings as a class.


  • Give each student a paper square. Have them fold the corners in to the center to form another square with four triangle fold-outs. Students will use these flaps to record information.
  • Instruct students to write the stages of a frog's life cycle on inside of three of the triangles, illustrating the outside. On the fourth, have students write a summary of a frog's life cycle, or create a bullet list of important facts.
  • Share foldables with class.


  • Compare and contrast the life cycle of a frog to other species, like humans or insects.
  • Investigate how climate change has impacted the frog population in parts of the world.
  • Research different types of frogs in your region. Have students write a report.

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