Math Activities for Kids

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Check out these fun activities to help your students work on their math skills. Get information about supplies and directions. You'll also find some additional educational resources.

Addition Battle

Use this activity to help students practice their addition skills.

Get These Supplies:

  • Decks of cards (no face cards)

What to Do:

This activity is completed in pairs, so make sure you bring enough decks of cards for your class. Have students divide the cards equally to begin. This game is played just like War, with each student turning over a card at the same time. However, the student with the highest card doesn't get to keep them! Instead, the first student to correctly add the cards together wins the round. Game play continues until one student has all the cards or time runs out.

You can also have your students practice subtraction skills with this activity. In this case, the first student to subtract the cards would win the round.

Quick Tip:

Use these lessons on addition and subtraction to help your students reinforce what they're learning about these mathematical concepts.

Multiplication Tac Toe

This activity can be used to help kids have fun while practicing multiplication skills.

Get These Supplies:

  • Tic-tac-toe boards

What to Do:

Set this activity up by filling in the spaces on your tic-tac-toe boards with multiplication problems. You can adjust the difficulty of these problems based on the age of your students. Students play in pairs, just as they would play standard tic-tac-toe. However, in order to place their X or O, they must first solve the math problem in their space. Mix this activity up by replacing the multiplication problems with division questions.

Quick Tip:

Use these lessons on multiplication and multiplication properties to help kids brush up on their multiplication skills.

Card Fractions

Students can complete this simple activity to learn more about fractions.

Get These Supplies:

  • Decks of playing cards (no face cards)
  • Paper and pencils

What to Do:

This game is played in pairs. Students should shuffle their deck and divide the cards evenly. Both players place two cards face-up in front of them. They then choose which card should be the numerator and which card should be the denominator of their fraction. Finally, they must determine who has the larger fraction.

The student with the largest fraction gets all four cards from that round! This activity goes on until one student has all of the cards or until you run out of time for this activity.

Quick Tip:

Help students build their understanding of fractions as well as numerators and denominators with these short, engaging lessons. Each lesson includes a quick quiz to help kids test what they know.

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Our entire Math for Kids course includes the lessons above and numerous others that can supplement your curriculum or spark new teaching ideas. Lessons cover rounding, basic geometry, counting money, basic division and more essential math concepts.

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