Math Card Games for Kids

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Use these fun card games to help students learn about math. You can check out this article to get directions and to find helpful resources for your class.

Even and Odd

This game gets kids familiar with even and odd numbers.

You'll Need:

  • Playing cards

How to Play:

You can play this game with a small to medium-sized group. Have your students gather in a circle and deal out cards to each student until all the cards are handed out. Students should keep their piles face down in front of them. Students take turns drawing a card and placing it face up in the center of the group.

The goal is to be the first player to 'slap' an odd card when it appears. Whoever touches the odd card first gets to take it and all the cards beneath it! If a player accidentally slaps an even card, he or she must give a card to whoever played the even card. The game continues until one player has all the cards or until you run out of time.

Your students can learn more about numbers (even or odd!) with the chapter Numbers for Elementary School. This chapter includes easy-to-understand lessons and fun quizzes that can help kids understand this part of math.

Math War

You can use this game to help students practice addition or subtraction.


  • Playing cards


This game works well in pairs or groups. Deal out all of the cards and have your students keep their piles face down. Each student flips over two cards in each round. Then they have to perform the math operation you're working on in class. For example, if you're studying addition and they flip over a 2 and a 5, they must add these numbers together. The student with the highest result wins all of the cards for that hand! If there is a tie, have students draw two more cards for a tie-breaker. The game ends when one student has all the cards or time runs out.

You can also adjust this game to practice subtraction, multiplication or even division!

The lessons on addition, subtraction and multiplication from Math Basics for Elementary School can be used to help students learn more about each of these computations.

Fraction Cards

Students can practice comparing fractions while they play this game.

Gather These Supplies:

  • Playing cards
  • Paper and pencil

How to Play:

This game works best in pairs or small groups. Set up for this game by drawing a line through the center of the paper to represent the line in the middle of a fraction. Deal out all the cards to the students and have them draw two cards. They must pick one card to be their numerator and one card to be their denominator. Then they need to work out which fraction is the largest! The student with the largest fraction wins the round and gets to keep all of the cards. The winner is determined by the player with the most amount of cards at the end of the game!

If your students need more help with this concept, you can use this lesson on comparing fractions. The interactive quiz is another useful way to assess how well your students understand the topic.

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