Math Project Rubrics

Instructor: Shelby Golden
How can you use math project rubrics in your classroom? Read this article to learn about the value of these rubrics for your class and discover tips for using and designing them.

Using Math Project Rubrics

Rubrics make it easy for you to set student expectations, while also allowing you to easily and fairly grade projects. These simple grading tools can make it easier for you to teach and for your students to learn.

Depending on the project, you might want to grade students on their problem solving skills, reasoning, communication, connections and mathematical representation. You can grade these categories with a number scale, or use levels, such as novice, apprentice, practitioner and expert. Here's an example rubric:

Score Problem Solving Reasoning and Proof Representation
1 No strategy chose
no engagement with task
Incorrect reasoning
no basis for arguments
No mathematical representations
2 Strategy is partially correct Some correct reasoning A mathematical representation
is attempted
3 Correct strategy chosen Correct reasoning present Includes accurate mathematical representations
4 Strategies analyzed Deductive arguments used Abstract representations created

Finding a Math Project Rubric

There are a number of rubrics for math projects available online. Many of them are available free to download from sites such as Teacher Planet ( However, such a large amount of options can make finding the right choice difficult.

You can also design your own rubric from scratch. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the rubric exactly to the needs of your classroom's math project. Check out Math Homework Rubric Examples to get familiar with the kind of rubric that would serve you best.

More Resources

You can learn more about strategies and materials for designing classroom tools with this lesson on Instructional Planning, or find out more about how best to assess your students with this chapter on Assessing Student Learning & Providing Feedback.

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