MBLEX Test Accommodations


MBLEx Test Accommodations Policy

The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards follows guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act in regard to offering accommodations to MBLEx test takers who require them due to some type of cognitive or physical disability.

Typically, the MBLEx is a computer-based test taken over a 2-hour time frame, during which students answer a total of 100 multiple-choice questions. Individuals who would like to deviate from this format due to a disability can request accommodations that include an extension of the time in which they are allowed to test, a separate room from other test takers, or a scribe who can record their test answers.

How Do I Request Accommodations?

In order to receive accommodations, individuals will need to follow the approval process outlined by the FSMTB. This process involves submitting a number of documents that describe the reason why accommodations are warranted.

Documentation should describe the disability in detail and why it necessitates testing accommodations, both from the perspective of the test taker and a professional, like a doctor or psychologist. Applicants for accommodations must describe the various tests and diagnostics that they have completed that confirm their disability. For individuals who have various types of learning and cognitive disabilities, this entails submitting comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations from within the past three years.

All medical documentation must be submitted on official letterhead, signed by a relevant professional, and be current. Being current is defined as having been seen by the professional within the past three years, though individuals who have permanent disabilities, like hearing or vision loss, do not have to abide by this stipulation.

Additionally, individuals who have applied for and received accommodations on other tests can submit documentation of past accommodations when applying, as this may further validate their request.

Who Qualifies for Accommodations?

Any individual who applies for accommodations must have a form of disability that is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Generally, a disability will either be categorized as a physical impairment or a mental impairment, though there is not one comprehensive list that describes all possible disabilities, given the varied nature of them.

However, it is important for individuals to note that temporary physical impairments, like a broken limb, are not covered under the ADA, though individuals can request minor modifications, such as wheelchair access, via a letter from their physician. Students who speak English as a second language (ESL) also do not qualify for accommodations.

Preparing for the MBLEx

Both students who require accommodations and those who plan to take the test without accommodations will need to adequately prepare for the exam. Some test-prep options are available only in a print format, while others are accessible online.

One online option that students may be interested in is the MBLEx Practice and Study Guide. In this course, students have access to a comprehensive overview of the material that will be covered on the exam in addition to helpful study aids like flashcards. Students can also assess their readiness for the exam by using the MBLEx Practice Test that is included in the course.

What is the MBLEX Test?

The MBLEx is a nationwide exam used for the licensure of massage therapists and other bodywork practitioners. It's administered after approval at computerized testing centers. Keep reading to get test details and explore available prep resources.

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