MBLEX Test Score Information

MBLEx Score Reporting

The MBLEx has 100 total multiple-choice questions on it, and students will receive either a pass or fail result at their testing site upon completing the exam, rather than a specific score. Within 24 hours, pass/fail results are also sent to the state licensing agencies that examinees indicated on their MBLEx application. Individuals who want to request additional score reports after testing must fill out a report transfer form.

Diagnostic Information

Some students may struggle with a pass/fail system, as they may feel it makes it challenging to know how much they need to improve if they initially fail the test. However, if students do fail the exam, they are given an exam diagnostic that tells them how well they did on each of the seven different content domains of the exam. The seven domains are organized according to important content areas that massage therapists should be proficient in. They are:

  • Pathology, Contraindications, Areas of Caution, & Special Populations
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Benefits and Physiological Effects of Techniques that Manipulate Soft Tissue
  • Client Assessment, Reassessment, & Treatment Planning
  • Ethics, Boundaries, Laws & Regulations
  • Guidelines for Professional Practice

For each of the seven content areas, students receive a result of low, borderline, or good on their exam score report, given that they fail the exam. Students who pass the exam do not receive such a report. If a student finds they performed poorly on some of the seven content areas while doing well on the others, they may be able to focus their studies when preparing for a retake.

Achieving a Passing Score

In order to obtain a pass result on the MBLEx, it is critical that students prepare adequately for the exam. During their massage therapy training and education, they will likely build a strong foundation that they can further strengthen through more focused studying that is geared towards the content of the exam.

There are a number of resources available to students who are preparing for the MBLEx.

Students may be interested in the test study guide created by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, as this is the organization that creates the MBLEx. This guide is available for purchase online. It covers the seven categories that appear on the exam and includes an official practice test.

Study.com also offers an MBLEx Test Practice & Study Guide that provides students with a comprehensive overview of all the material that appears on the exam. Students can test their knowledge using flashcards and simulate test-day conditions by taking the course's MBLEx practice exam. Additionally, a diagnostic feature is included in the course, allowing students to gain insight into which areas they need to devote more attention to as they continue studying.

Who Needs to Take the MBLEx?

States have varying requirements and regulations for massage therapists. All prospective examinees are advised to check state-specific regulations. Some states do not even formally regulate this industry, while the vast majority have laws that often require receiving a passing score on the MBLEx.

What is the MBLEX Test?

The MBLEx is a nationwide exam used for the licensure of massage therapists and other bodywork practitioners. It's administered after approval at computerized testing centers. Keep reading to get test details and explore available prep resources.

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