Measurement Games for Kids

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Students can brush up on their measurement skills with these fun games. Check out this article to get directions and some additional educational tips.

Fruit Weight

This activity is a fun way for kids to learn about the different weight of various objects and how they relate to one another.


  • Several different varieties of fruit
  • Scales

How to Play:

Begin by randomly arranging the fruit before class. The goal is for your students to correctly guess the order of the fruits from lightest to heaviest. Have them try to gauge the weights and write down their choices. Then have them practice weighing each fruit! The winner is the first student who arranges the fruits correctly!

This game encourages kids to consider the different weights of objects. It also gives them practice weighing items, as well as understanding the units of measurement for weight as they correctly sort the fruit. Provide your students with a better understanding of how these units work with this lesson on units of measurement.

What's the Length?

Use this game to help students get comfortable measuring length and converting between measurement systems.

What You'll Need:

  • Rulers or measuring tapes

How to Play:

The rules of this game are simple. You'll provide your students with a list of objects they need to measure around the classroom with their rulers or measuring tapes. Have them measure in the measurement system they're learning. The trick is how they record the length of these objects.

Set up the answer sheet to make them convert each measurement. For example, if you have them measure the height of their chair in inches, they must write down the answer in feet (and inches). You can write the equations for conversion on your whiteboard to make this a little simpler.

The first student or group that correctly fills in their sheet wins!

This lesson on measurement conversions can help your students find out more about how to convert measurements. They'll also be able to complete a short quiz to help test their understanding of this subject.

Ant Race!

Help students practice measuring and adding with this activity.


  • Playing cards (number cards only)
  • Ruler
  • Paper
  • Pencil

What to Do:

Have your students design a game piece to use as their 'ant'. You can have them cut out a circle and draw a small ant on it for a quick way to do it. Give each student a piece of paper, a ruler and a deck of cards. Have them draw the first card and use the ruler to measure the distance up from the bottom of the paper. For example, if they draw a 4 they should make a line 4 centimeters (or inches, depending on the unit of measurement you're teaching) from the bottom of the page.

Have them move their ant to the top of the line and record how long the line is. Then, have them draw another card. The game continues until a student's ant reaches the top of the page!

You can continue the activity by having students design their own path for the ant to follow. They can make any design they want! You can also have your students use nonstandard units of measurement, such as paperclips, for another way to adjust this activity. Have your students work on this measurement lesson first, so they're familiar with these concepts and then use the game to reinforce what they're learning.

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