MEGA Test Accomodations


MEGA Accommodations and Alternative Arrangements

Test accommodations are available for any MEGA test (including the MoGEA) if you need additional support during your testing appointment. These accommodations are available for:

  • Test-takers with a documented disability or a medical issue that may necessitate special equipment in the testing room
  • Test-takers who may need additional time to complete the test
  • Nursing mothers

Most accommodation requests must be approved in advance by the MEGA administrators. After you register for the test, you can complete and submit an Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form, available on the official MEGA website ( This form includes a space for attaching any additional documentation, so it does not need to be sent separately.

Pre-Approved Testing Aids and Medical Devices

Many medical devices and aids do not need prior approval. For example, all Pearson VUE testing centers are wheelchair accessible and allow mobility devices, such as canes, walkers, crutches and wheelchairs. Pearson VUE computer-based tests also feature built-in visual assistance aids, such as enlarged text and color enhancement. All examinees are allowed to bring other aids, including:

  • Sensory aids, such as eyeglasses, eye patches, hearing aids and cochlear implants; earplugs or headphones may be subject to prior approval (ask your testing center if you are unsure)
  • Medical devices, such as oxygen tanks, face masks, braces, bandages and casts, foot stools and cushions
  • Emergency devices, such as auto-injectors, inhalers and alert bracelets

If needed, you may bring aspirin or your medication; pills must be unwrapped unless they have to remain in the packaging until taken. You may also have tissues (provided by the testing center), eye drops, nasal drops, cough drops and glucose tablets. If you need to take a break to take medication or use your medical device, you do not need special permission. However, note that any time taken for this break will count as a portion of your testing time.

All items brought into the testing room are subject to visual inspection by the testing administrators.

Testing Aids and Adustments Requiring Approval

Certain items require prior notification so that the testing center may accommodate your request. If you need a trackball mouse or an adjustable table (for wheelchair use), or if you need to bring a medical device not of the types listed above, you will have to fill out an Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form. However, you will not need to submit any additional documentation.

If you need accommodations that aren't covered under any of the above cases, you must fill out the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and attach the required documentation. Typically, this documentation verifies your diagnosis and includes a signed statement from a healthcare professional as well as a list of recommended accommodations. You might also have to submit diagnostic test results or evidence that you have received similar accommodations before.

Requesting Additional Time

If you are requesting extra time because of a disability, your request must be supported with documentation as listed above, including a professional statement that recommends extra time as a test accommodation.

You may also request extra testing time if English is not your first language. Fill out the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and check the box that specifies you are requesting a time extension for this reason. You will have to include an official statement and signature from a school official that English is not your first language or a copy of your birth certificate or visa (if you were born in a country where the primary language isn't English).

For Nursing Mothers

You may request accommodations for nursing equipment. Inform the testing center administrators of your needs by filling out the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and describing the equipment you plan to bring to the testing center. Note that infants and children are not allowed in the testing center.

Accommodations Decisions and Appeals

You should hear back from MEGA administrators within three weeks of submitting your request. If your accommodation request is granted, you will receive confirmation of this through email, along with information on how you should schedule your test appointment. It is important to only schedule your test after you receive this information, as you may have to follow special instructions to ensure that the testing center will be ready for you on the day of your test.

Your approval will remain on file for a year, so you will not need to go through the approval process for any subsequent tests during this time. However, you will still need to submit a request form to ensure that the testing center can make the appropriate arrangements.

If your request is not granted, you may submit an appeal, along with any additional supporting documentation, to the MEGA administrators. Note that all appeal decisions are final.

Preparing for Test Day

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What is the MOGEA Test?

The MoGEA, or Missouri General Education Assessment, is a basic skills assessment that is required for most first-time teaching license candidates in Missouri. Read on to find out if you need to take the MoGEA and learn more about this test.

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