MEGA Test Score Information


Scoring the MEGA Program Tests

The Missouri Educator's Gateway Assessments (MEGA) program tests assess the necessary skills and content knowledge required of all Missouri educational professionals. These tests cover a range of purposes, including a basic skills test for incoming educator's preparation program students (the Missouri General Education Assessment, or MoGEA), an unscored but required work habits survey (the Missouri Educator's Profile, or MEP), and various certification tests that assess the candidate's knowledge and skills in a specialized content area/grade level.

All of these tests fall under the MEGA umbrella, but not every MEGA program test follows the same scoring guidelines.

Scoring the MoGEA

The MoGEA consists of four subtests: Reading Comprehension & Interpretation, Writing, Mathematics, and Science & Social Studies. All four subtests must be completed and passed in order to gain entry to your educator's prep program of choice. These tests are scored on a scale of 100 to 300 points, though the passing cut-off scores vary from program to program. After you finish the MoGEA, your scores will be released according to a reporting schedule and can be expected within two to six weeks.

Scoring the MEP

While there is no passing or failing the MEP, you must take it upon entering a traditional or alternative educator's preparation program in Missouri. This test assesses your work preferences and style so you may prepare a professional development plan that works for you.

Answering the test items as honestly as possible will help you get the most out of this assessment. You will receive your results immediately upon finishing the 192-question survey, which you may take from any Internet-connected computer, any time.

Scoring the MEGA Content Assessments

Passing these tests is a requirement for professional certification in a certain subject area or grade level. Therefore, the tests you will need to pass will vary depending on your career goals and needs. These tests are organized into several categories:

  • Early Childhood & Elementary Education
  • Middle School Education
  • Secondary Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Special Education
  • Student Services (e.g., counseling)
  • School & District Leadership
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Paraprofessional

Each MEGA program content assessment is a multiple-choice, Internet- or computer-based exam with a passing cutoff score of 220 (except for the Elementary Mathematics Specialist (065) exam, which has a passing score to be determined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education).

Most MEGA content assessments follow a score report schedule that you can access on the official MEGA website at For these tests, you may expect your scores within two to six weeks of completion. Note that the four foreign language content assessments (Chinese-Mandarin, French, German, and Spanish) follow a different score report schedule that you may also access from the official MEGA website. The MEGA School & District Leadership tests also follow their own score reporting schedule, and those who take the Paraprofessional MEGA may expect score reports within three weeks of finishing.

Who Will Receive My MEGA Scores?

You will receive your own test scores, along with instructions to help you interpret your results. They will be reported directly to your MEGA account on the applicable score report date, from 10:00 PM (CT). You will also receive your scores in an email at this time (if you selected this option at registration). These scores will be available to view for two years.

When you register for a MEGA program test, you may request that your scores also be sent to a college, university or other institute. The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education will also receive your scores.

Retaking a MEGA Program Test

If you did not pass an assessment that you need, you may retake it. You will have to wait thirty days before retaking any assessment, but afterwards you may register for the test again, following the same registration procedures as usual. All applicable MEGA and testing center fees will still apply.

Improving Your Scores

The MEGA and MoGEA Practice & Prep courses you can find right here on are here to help you get great results! Designed and written by educational experts, our courses align to Missouri professional standards, ensuring that you will receive a comprehensive review of the content you will actually encounter on your MEGA program test. Use our quick video lessons and quizzes to master the material, including subjects in:

…and much more! We also offer complete prep courses for the MoGEA subtests in Reading Comprehension and Interpretation, Writing, Mathematics, and Science & Social Studies, as well as the MEGA Paraprofessional exam.

What is the MOGEA Test?

The MoGEA, or Missouri General Education Assessment, is a basic skills assessment that is required for most first-time teaching license candidates in Missouri. Read on to find out if you need to take the MoGEA and learn more about this test.

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