MTEL Accommodations: Types & Request Process


Types of Accommodations for MTEL Tests

There is an application process in place for individuals who believe they need adjustments to their Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) exam or the testing process. The accommodations that an individual may receive will vary based on his/her specific diagnosis.

Individuals who are nursing, for example, can apply to have permission to bring equipment and storage materials so that they can pump milk during their exams.

The test can be provided in Braille if a person is blind or visually impaired.

In some cases, individuals may qualify to extend the test time.

Other types of accommodations that are offered include access to a track ball mouse and consent to bring special medical equipment to the test site. Each application is considered independently.

Accommodations Request Process

Individuals who think they may qualify for accommodations must apply and be approved for them. There are a number of steps involved in requesting accommodations. It can take as many as 3 weeks for accommodation applications to be processed, so you should apply as soon as possible.

Review the Application Process Online

Information on the MTEL website explains who may qualify for accommodations to the test or testing process. Familiarizing yourself with the general guidelines is a good way to get an indication of whether or not you may qualify. A phone number is also provided for individuals who have questions.

Register to Test

To start off the accommodations application process, you will need to register and pay for your test. When doing so, be sure to indicate that you will be requesting accommodations.

Gather Required Documentation

This documentation can include a signed statement from a medical professional that is printed on his/her letterhead and includes a diagnosis along with recommendations for test accommodations. Psychological test results and results from medical tests, such as computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans or similar types of tests, may also be required.

You can also provide your academic records to demonstrate that you have been approved for accommodations in the past.

Scan Required Documentation

Scan your required documents into your computer so that you can upload them during the application process.

Fill Out the Online Request Form

This form requires you to provide identifying information, such as your address, name and part of your social security number. It also has sections where you must identify the types of accommodations you're requesting and the test you intend on taking.

Attach Required Documents and Submit Application

Once you have completed all sections of the form you can upload any medical and academic records that are required. After these documents have been attached to your application, you can submit it.

Wait for Approval

After applying for accommodations, you must wait until they have been approved before you can schedule your exam. Your approval notice will provide you with instructions for scheduling your exam with your approved accommodations.

Appeal Decision If Necessary

You may not be approved for the accommodations you applied for. This may happen because the documentation provided was insufficient or the accommodations you requested are not offered. If you do not have your application approved, you can pursue a review of the decision or provide more material in support of your application and have it reviewed again.

Pre-Approved Aids

There are some items that you are allowed to bring to a test site without applying for accommodations. Examples of these items are listed here. A full list is provided on the Pearson VUE website.

EpiPen Eyeglasses Pills
Oxygen tank Bandages Surgical face mask
Inhalers Cough drops Hearing aids

MTEL Study Resources

Take advantage of online study materials that can be accessed anywhere you have internet and a smartphone, tablet or laptop. These study materials allow you to work at your own pace to review the information that will be covered on your MTEL exam. Check out this complete listing of MTEL Study Guides or view out some of the available course titles below:

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