MTEL Test Centers


Test Centers for MTEL Exams

Individuals who need to take MTEL tests are required to register and take their exam at an approved site in their community. Military applicants may make arrangements to test at an approved test site on a military base.

About the Test Site

The home page of the Pearson VUE website contains a video, which is also accessible via, that walks individuals through what to expect at test sites. This video shows an actual test site and what it looks like in the check-in area, locker room and testing room.

Site Security

The Pearson VUE website also has a short, animated video that outlines what security procedures individuals can expect to experience when they arrive at a Pearson VUE test site. These procedures involve signing in, providing accepted ID, having a photo taken and, in some cases, providing a palm scan. Other security procedures, such as checking pockets, are shown. The video makes it clear that test-takers are monitored via video camera while they're taking their test and indicates what items must be stored in a locker at the test site. The procedure for individuals taking breaks and the check-out procedures are also shown.

Site Rules

Individuals must leave things like food, purses and cell phones in a locker. They can expect to have their eyeglasses inspected before entering the testing area.

Items such as weapons, books, bags, hats and calculators are prohibited. A complete list of prohibited items is provided on the policies page on the MTEL site. Test participation rules, such as agreeing to the testing rules and not interacting with other test-takers, are also listed in detail on the MTEL policies page.

Locating Test Sites

The Pearson VUE website has an app that enables individuals to locate approved test sites near their location. There are two options for individuals using this resource.

Community-Based Test Sites

The test center search feature on the Pearson VUE website allows individuals to insert location information so that they can find approved test sites nearby. They can opt to input a zip code, a street address or a town name. Once they provide this information, the app will produce a map showing the location of test sites in relation to the given location. Each number on the map will correspond to a test site on a list. The list will include the test site's name, address and distance from the given location.

  • Example test site locations: Test sites can be located in office buildings, colleges, and universities.

Military Base Test Sites

Individuals who are part of the military may use a feature on Pearson VUE's test center search app to locate test sites on military bases near their location. These sites are only accessible to individuals who have authorization to be on a military base and have valid government ID.

MTEL Study Resources

To ensure you review all the information covered on your MTEL exam, take advantage of quality study resources, such as these MTEL Study Guides. These resources allow individuals to work at their own pace. They are convenient because they are accessible via smart phones and computers, and they contain hundreds of lessons that promote a thorough review of all the material on an MTEL exam. Listed below are just a few of the available study guides.

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