MTEL Test Retake Policy


Policy for Retaking MTEL Exams

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) are used to qualify individuals for teacher certification in the state.

Any person who has taken an MTEL exam and failed can retake it. They are required to wait a full 45 days following their previous test date. Test-takers are also advised to wait until they receive their test scores before retaking any exam.

Exams with Subtests

There are some MTEL exams that have subtests. Individuals can opt to take both subtests at the same time or take them separately. If test-takers pass one subtest but fails the other, they only need to retake the subtest that they failed. Exams that contain subtests include:

  • General Curriculum
  • Communication and Literacy Skills
  • Vocational Technical Literacy Skills

Arranging to Retake an Exam

Individuals who are retaking a test or subtest can log in to their account on the MTEL website and register to take a test or subtest again. They must pay the test fees and then schedule an exam time through the online account system.

Preparing to Retake an Exam

Before scheduling a time to retake an exam, it's a good idea to prepare thoroughly so that you will not need to take it again. There are several actions you can take to increase the likelihood that you will pass your MTEL exam when you retake it.

Review Your Score Report

Each person who takes a test or subtest receives a score report. Their test score is converted to a scaled score, with the highest possible score being 300 and the lowest possible score being 100. The score report breaks down each content section of the test and indicates how well a test-taker did in each section. This enables individuals who failed to identify the test sections that they need to focus on reviewing the most.

Access Reputable Study Materials

These MTEL Study Guides can be used to thoroughly prepare for an exam. They are designed to let individuals study when it's convenient for them, and each course contains hundreds of lessons that cover all the content sections on their MTEL test. These links lead to some of the test resources for common exams individuals may need to take:

Access MTEL Website Resources

The MTEL website has a lot of information that can help individuals prepare for their exam.

MTEL Test Guides: Information guides are provided for each MTEL exam. They contain valuable information that can help individuals preparing for an exam, such as sample questions and answers and an explanation of the question types test-takers will find on their specific exam. Study tips are also provided.

MTEL Website Practice Tests: Practice tests are provided on the MTEL website for all exams. These practice tests allow individuals to familiarize themselves with the question types that will be on their actual exam and review objectives for each of the content sections on their test.

This article looks at the typical test fee for MTEL exams, as well as some exams that charge different rates. The payment process is also explained along with accepted methods of payment.

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