MTLE Day Preparation

MTLE Exam: How to Prepare for Test Day

Individuals who will be taking one or more of the MTLE exams may want to learn about some tips and strategies that could be helpful to them as they prepare for test day. While each of the exams varies in terms of content, the ways in which to prepare can be applied to any of the tests.

Register for Test Day

A key first step in preparing for the exam is making sure that you have registered for the appropriate test or tests. To do so, you'll want to visit the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board website, which provides information regarding which specific tests are necessary to gain licensure. For example, some individuals who are already licensed teachers may need to take a certain content-area exam in order to teach a specific subject while unlicensed individuals may need to take essential skills and pedagogy exams.

When registering for the exam, you will also be expected to pay the accompanying testing fee. These fees vary by the test and if you are taking more than one subtest.

Develop a Study Schedule

After you've registered for the necessary exam and selected a testing date, you may want to create a study schedule that takes into account how long you have to prepare for the exam or exams, how much preparation you think you will need, and what types of study resources you have access to. It is also important to consider what other factors may affect this schedule, like professional obligations or family life.

Some students may benefit from scheduling specific times each day or week in which they study, while others may take a more flexible approach, choosing to study when they have free time.

Test Preparation Resources

When preparing for the MTLE exams, there are a variety of different resources that you can take advantage of. The MTLE website provides exam blueprints for each test, in addition to other study materials specific to each exam that you can use to familiarize yourself with the content that will appear on the exams. has also created a large number of courses designed specifically for the various MTLE exams. These MTLE Courses typically are organized into chapters and smaller lessons within each chapter. Each lesson covers a concept that could appear on that specific MTLE exam. In each lesson and chapter, students have access to lesson quizzes and chapter tests to make sure they are retaining the information taught in the course.

Additionally, has created many MTLE Practice Tests that correspond with the MTLE courses that are offered. These practice tests are comprehensive and may help students gauge how well they might perform on the actual MTLE.

Test Day Tips

On the day of the exam itself, there are also a few strategies that you may want to use to help ensure success. Arriving at the test center early and well-rested are advised, as being tired during the test or arriving late could make it more challenging to do as well as possible on the exam. If you arrive too late, you might not be able to take the test at all. Additionally, it is important to eat a nutritious meal before the exam to stay focused during the testing period.

What is the MTLE Test?

The Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) assess requisite skills and content knowledge for all prospective and current education professionals in the state. For more detailed information about the MTLE program, check out this article.

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