MTLE Exam Registration Information

Registering for the MTLE Exams

Individuals who would like to earn licenses to teach in the state of Minnesota can do so by registering for and taking one or more of the Minnesota Teaching Licensure Examinations (MTLE).

To register for these tests, test takers can visit the MTLE website where they must first create an account before being able to select the exam that they wish to take. When registering for their exam or exams, applicants will be required to also pay the testing fee. Once having registered and paid for the exam, test takers have one year in which to schedule and take the exam until the registration validity period is over.

In order to determine which exams are necessary to achieve the correct license, applicants will want to read about licensure requirements as set by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board. Generally, the level and subject area that individuals wish to teach will play a role in determining which tests they must take.

Applicants who do not have any sort of teaching license will typically need to take the NES Essential Academic Skills exam; however, they also may be able to fulfill this requirement by taking the ACT with Writing or the SAT. Teachers who are seeking additional licenses to teach at a different grade level or in another subject area may need to take one of the MTLE content area or pedagogy exams.

MTLE Examination Fees

The number of tests that an individual must take will affect how much it costs to take each test. For example, if a test taker only needs to take one subtest, then the testing fee is $50. Two tests cost a total fee of $75 and three tests cost a total fee of $100.

In order to pay the fee, test takers generally must use a credit card and make the payment online at the time that they register for the exam.

It may be possible to receive a voucher to cover the testing fee. This type of assistance is only available to students enrolled in a college-level education program who meet the requirements for the voucher as set by the institution.

Additionally, test takers who do not pass an exam in three attempts also may qualify for a testing fee voucher to cover the cost of subsequent retakes.

Studying for the MTLE Exams

After registering for an exam, test takers may want to spend some time preparing for the test in order to improve their chance of passing. One way they can prepare is by using the test preparation resources available through the MTLE website. For each of the content-area, pedagogy, and essential skills exams, students can access worksheets and reviews that detail what will appear on the exam. Additionally, they can learn about how the test will be delivered and get familiar with the computer-based testing format.

Individuals who seek more in-depth test preparation may be interested in using an outside preparation resource, like those offered by has created a large number of courses that correspond to the various MTLE Exams. For example, individuals who are preparing for the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills exam, one of the tests applicants can use to obtain an initial teaching certification, may want to enroll in the MTLE Basic Skills: Practice & Study Guide course. This course is comprised of a total of 36 chapters that are designed to help students familiarize themselves with all of the content that will appear on this test.

Test takers who have registered for pedagogy and content-area exams also have many options available to them from's catalogue. Some of these options include MTLE Life Science: Practice & Study Guide, MTLE Mathematics: Practice & Study Guide, and MTLE Pedagogy: Secondary Grades 5-12: Study Guide & Practice.

The Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) assess requisite skills and content knowledge for all prospective and current education professionals in the state. For more detailed information about the MTLE program, check out this article.

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