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MTLE Test Accommodation Policy

The Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) are comprised of a number of different tests that individuals must take if they wish to work as licensed teachers in the state of Minnesota. If you need to take these exams but require testing accommodations, you may be granted accommodations depending on the nature of your request and whether you applied for them correctly.

There are a number of different reasons why an individual may be granted accommodations, some of which will be highlighted below.

English as a Second Language

Non-native English speakers can apply for accommodations in the form of additional testing time. Those who are approved for extra time may receive up to one and a half times the typical time in which to complete the test. To qualify for additional time, test takers must submit a form for alternative testing arrangements at the time that they register and pay for the test. They must also provide proof that English is not their first language in the form of a letter from the university that they attended.

Nursing Mothers

Women who are nursing are also eligible to apply for accommodations as well in case they are required to bring any equipment into the testing center that would typically not be allowed. To receive these accommodations, applicants will also need to submit the alternative testing arrangements form at the time that they sign up for the exam.


Individuals who have disabilities are also eligible to receive accommodations for the MTLE exam. Some accommodations do not require any advanced notice. For example, individuals in wheelchairs are guaranteed that every testing site is wheelchair-accessible. All test takers are also permitted to take breaks during the testing period in case they need to take medicine or use the bathroom, though these breaks are considered part of the allocated testing time.

If a test taker requires that a medical device be present with them while they take the exam or if they need to use a standard trackball mouse to take the test, they will need to be approved for these accommodations in advance by filling out the alternative testing arrangements form.

Test takers can also request any other type of accommodation by filling out this form, though they will also always need to provide documentation that supports their request. For example, an applicant who is requesting accommodations due to some type of physical or mental disability will be required to also submit a statement from a medical professional confirming the diagnosis of the specific disability. The statement must also include a recommendation regarding what type of accommodation is appropriate.

Individuals seeking accommodations due to a learning or cognitive disability must also either provide the results of a psychological diagnostic test, CAT, MRI, or EEG test, or a full educational history that details their history with receiving accommodations.

Anytime supporting documentation is submitted as part of an application to receive accommodations, applicants will need to make sure the documentation is sufficiently current. Generally, this means that documents dated within the past five years are acceptable. Documents that confirm a physical condition that is permanent do not need to be less than five years old.

Preparing for the MTLE Examinations

All test takers will likely want to prepare for the MTLE exams, regardless of whether they require accommodations or not. There are a number of resources that you can access online, both from the MTLE website as well as outside resources.

For example, has created a wide number of courses focused on various MTLE exams. You can find these in the MTLE Course Directory. There are over 20 courses available that correspond with various MTLE exams, including Earth and space science, social studies, elementary education, middle level science, and middle level communication arts and literature. has also created numerous MTLE Practice Tests that you can use to see how well you understand key topics on your MTLE exams.

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The Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) assess requisite skills and content knowledge for all prospective and current education professionals in the state. For more detailed information about the MTLE program, check out this article.

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