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MTLE Examination Fees

The Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations are a number of different tests that individuals seeking to work as teachers in Minnesota must take in order to obtain licensure. There are set fees associated with these tests, though the total cost will vary depending on how many tests you must take and what type of test you are registered for.

For example, if you are registered for the MN NES Essential Academic Skills test, you'll pay an initial fee of $50 to take one of the three subtests on this exam. If you need to take two subtests, you'll pay a total fee of $75, and if you need to take three tests, you can do so for a fee of $100.

All of the other exams are $47.50 per subtest, except for the Elementary Education (Grades K-6) exam. For this exam, subtests one and two cost $32, and subtest three cost $31.

Payment Methods for the MTLE Examinations

When registering for the MTLE exams, you'll have to pay the test registration fee using a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. Individuals who do not have a card also may be able to pay by check if they contact Evaluation Systems. It's important for you to keep in mind that once you've registered for an exam, you must schedule and take it within one year or else the registration will expire.

If you're a college student who needs financial assistance in order to be able to afford the testing fees, you can apply for a financial assistance voucher. This request must be made through the education department at your home college or university. Additionally, if test takers have already attempted one or more of the MTLE exams three or more times, they may be able to receive a fee voucher to cover the costs of subsequent attempts.

MTLE Testing Requirements

There are a large number of MTLE subtests, so you'll want to make sure you take all the necessary tests to achieve licensure in the subject area in which you wish to teach.

Individuals who do not yet have a teaching license will need to initially take the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills exam, which tests basic competencies required to achieve a license. Alternatively, they may also be able to take the ACT with writing or the SAT.

Licensed teachers who wish to earn additional licenses can do so by taking the subtest in the field that they want to be licensed in. Some examples of content-area subtests include chemistry, dance, health, and life science, among others. Additionally, depending on the level at which they wish to teach, an individual will likely need to take a pedagogy test for early childhood, elementary, or secondary education.

Preparing for the MTLE Exams

In order to improve the odds of passing these exams, test takers may be interested in learning about what types of study materials are available to them. One resource they may want to consider using is the test preparation courses created by has created a wide number of MTLE Courses to help students prepare for the content-area and pedagogy exams.

After completing a test preparation course, you may want to continue your preparation efforts by taking one of the many MTLE Practice Tests that has created that are complementary to the test preparation courses.

The Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) assess requisite skills and content knowledge for all prospective and current education professionals in the state. For more detailed information about the MTLE program, check out this article.

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