MTTC Accommodations


Alternative MTTC Test Options

Individuals taking the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) exams may qualify for adjustments to the form of the test, use of special equipment or alternate testing arrangements. Individuals must apply for test accommodations and be approved before their test date.

Who Qualifies for Accommodations?

There are many reasons that a person may qualify for adjustments to an MTTC exam or the testing process. Some of the reasons people qualify include:

  • They're a nursing mother
  • They speak English as a second language
  • They have a visual impairment
  • They have a diagnosed illness
  • They are deaf or have suffered hearing loss
  • They have a physical impairment

How To Be Approved For Accommodations

To be approved for accommodations you must submit an application form that can be accessed on Pearson VUE's MTTC website. You are also required to supply supporting documentation. This documentation includes a formal diagnosis from a professional qualified to diagnose and treat people with the condition that qualifies you for accommodations. Psychological test results and your academic history may also be required as part of your application for accommodations.

Types of Accommodations

There are a number of different ways that the test or testing period can be altered to accommodate individuals who qualify for accommodations. Some examples of possible test accommodations include:

  • Taking the test in Braille
  • Use of medical devices that aren't pre-approved
  • Extra test time
  • Use of a trackball

Receiving Approval for Accommodations and Registering

Individuals who are applying for accommodations must register for their MTTC tests first and then submit their accommodations application. They need to indicate their intent to apply for accommodations when registering.

Do not schedule your MTTC test until you have received approval of the requested accommodations. This can take up to 3 weeks.

Once you have received confirmation that your accommodations application has been approved, you can schedule your MTTC test. You will receive information through your MTTC registration account about whether you need to schedule by phone or online. Follow the instructions provided in your account to schedule your MTTC exam.

Accommodations That Do Not Require Applications

Individuals who are in a wheelchair will have access to all test centers.

All test-takers are permitted to use the bathroom during the testing time. They are also allowed to take medication during the testing period, and have access to medical devices such as the ones listed here:

Cough Drops Braces Eye drops
Hearing Aids Inhalers Nasal Drops
Medical Alert Bracelets Casts Oxygen Tanks
Canes Crutches Painkillers

A complete list of the types of devices that are permitted without an application is provided on Pearson VUE's MTTC website.

It is possible for individuals to wear noise-reducing headphones or earplugs during their MTTC test. These materials are supplied by the test center staff at Pearson Professional Centers. At any other testing centers, test-takers must apply for accommodations to gain approval to use these devices.

Tissues will also be provided by test center staff. Test-takers may not bring their own to the test site.

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The MTTC tests are used by the state of Michigan as part of the certification process for teachers. This article explains what they are, the formats they're given in, the test objectives and when individuals need to take MTTC tests.

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