MTTC Retake Policy

Retaking MTTC Tests

To become a certified teacher in Michigan, it is necessary to pass the Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification (MTTC). Individuals who do not pass one or more MTTC exams may retake the tests that they failed. There are no restrictions on how many times a person can attempt an MTTC test.

Retake Waiting Period

After individuals have taken an MTTC test, they are required to wait a full 30 days before they can take a test again. There are no circumstances in which the 30-day waiting period does not apply. Individuals who switch formats from paper-based to computerized tests or from computerized to paper-based tests must still wait the full 30 days before their next attempt.

Arranging to Retake an MTTC Test

Individuals who need to retake an MTTC exam must log on to their account on the MTTC website and register to take the exam again. They must pay the exam fee each time they attempt a test.

Conditions of Multiple Retakes

Although test-takers have an unlimited number of times that they can retake an MTTC test, there are some conditions that apply for individuals who fail several times. Before taking a test a fifth time, individuals must be counseled by staff from their college or university to help them address the reasons why they failed. This applies to each subsequent attempt as well.

Tips for Successfully Retaking an MTTC Test

There are several strategies that can be used to help increase your chances of success on the MTTC exam.

Locate Your Test Center Before Test Day

Use public transit or drive to your test center well before your test date. Try to do this at the time of day you will be traveling to your testing appointment. This will ensure that you're familiar with the traffic volume and any factors that may affect your transit time, such as construction, while also helping ensure that you do not need to retake a test because you were late on test day. This strategy will also help you avoid unnecessary stress prior to your exam.

Schedule Study Time

It's easy for study time to be reduced or eliminated if you don't plan it as part of your regular schedule. Block off study time on your calendar. Make sure you have enough time to review all of the relevant material for your MTTC test before scheduling your exam date.

Apply for Accommodations

Many people qualify for adjustments to the testing process. It is important to check the MTTC accommodations policies to determine if you qualify. Examples of grounds that qualify individuals for accommodations include:

  • Being a nursing mother
  • Speaking English as a second language
  • Needing the use of a medical device
  • Having a learning disability
  • Having a physical disability

Accommodations are designed to ensure that individuals who need special testing arrangements can succeed on their MTTC exams. It can take up to 3 weeks to receive a decision about your application for accommodations, so be sure to leave plenty of time between applying for accommodations and your test date.

Join a Study Group

Individuals who are preparing to take the MTTC may have many college classmates who are preparing for the same MTTC exams. Join a study group or find a study partner. Check on each other regularly to ensure that you are progressing with your studies. Meet to discuss questions and cover material. Having someone who holds you accountable can be a good way of ensuring that you stay motivated and don't skip your scheduled study time.

Use MTTC Test Resources

To ensure you're ready to successfully retake your MTTC test, it is a good idea to take advantage of study guides and test preparation materials that can be accessed online. MTTC Test Prep Courses, such as the ones linked to here, offer hundreds of lessons for each subject area. Individuals can use these resources to work at their own pace and be confident that they will review the material on their MTTC exam. Here is just a brief sampling of courses:

The MTTC tests are used by the state of Michigan as part of the certification process for teachers. This article explains what they are, the formats they're given in, the test objectives and when individuals need to take MTTC tests.

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