MTTC Test Dates


Finding Test Date Information for MTTC Tests

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) exams are offered in paper-based and computer-based formats. The dates the tests are offered are based on the test format chosen and how individuals access test date and location information also differs.

The official MTTC website has an information page for each MTTC test option. Individuals can select the page for the test they need to take. Once they do this, they will have access to some general information about the exam, including links for information about the test sites and dates for taking computer-based tests and the test dates and times for paper-based tests.

Paper-Based Test Dates

The information page for each MTTC exam lists the test dates the paper-based version of the test will be given. For example, in the 2017-2018 school year the Agricultural Education exam was offered on the following dates:

October 14, 2017 January 13, 2018 April 21, 2018 July 14, 2018

The registration date is typically the first day of the month preceding the exam month, and the late registration date is the 22nd day of the month preceding the exam month. Therefore, the registration deadline for the October 14, 2017 test was September 1, 2017, and the late registration deadline was September 22, 2017. The score report date for this test was November 10, 2017. The dates did differ slightly for the April test; individuals should check all registration deadline information and score report dates via the link on the test's page on the MTTC website to confirm. Typically, individuals are expected to register 45 days before the exam and could expect to receive their test scores about 4 weeks after their exam date.

Computer-Based Test Dates

The MTTC exam page provides links to the Pearson VUE website. These links lead to apps designed to help individuals locate test sites and test times. The person can provide an address, town name or zip code on the test site app to see a list of places where tests are offered close to their chosen location. On the app for testing times the person must select their test, choose up to 3 test locations where they prefer to take their test and then select a date from a calendar. Once the person has selected the 3 test sites, they are taken to a page where they can select a test site and view dates when there is space to take that exam at that site. This information is presented on a calendar. Any dates that are not struck out have space available. The person can click on their preferred date on the calendar, and the site will display a list of the start times they can choose from for that test site and date. This only indicates where and when space is currently available; this app cannot be used to schedule an exam. Individuals must log into their account on the MTTC website and follow the steps to register for and schedule an exam to secure space at their chosen test place and time.


Individuals who need to change the date they are taking their test may do so.

Paper-Based Test Rescheduling

If a person needs to change their test time, date or location and they are scheduled to take the paper-based version of the MTTC exam then they must pay a $20 fee. They also need to take this action before or on the late registration date. If they reschedule on the late registration date the cut off time for rescheduling is 5 pm EST.

Computer-Based Test Rescheduling

Up until 24 hours before a person has a test scheduled they can change their test time, date or location. This service is free of charge, and individuals only need to log into their MTTC account and follow the steps for rescheduling.

Switching Exam Formats

Individuals who have registered for a computer-based test and wish to switch to a paper-based test format have to withdraw their registration first. This also applies to those who wish to change from taking a paper-based test to a computer-based test.

The person must cancel their scheduled test first and then submit a withdrawal request. These steps can be taken through the online account.

Those who were scheduled to take a computer-based test will get all of their fees returned if they withdraw no later than 24 hours before their scheduled test date.

Those who were scheduled to take a paper-based test will receive a $20 refund if they withdraw by 5 pm EST on the assigned late registration deadline for their scheduled exam. No refund is offered to individuals who registered late.

MTTC Test Resources

There are several MTTC tests because they are used to evaluate a teacher certification applicant's content knowledge or skills for working with specific age groups or students with special needs. Individuals can access the appropriate study guide materials for the MTTC exam they are preparing to take through the links below or by searching through's directory of MTTC Study Guides.

The materials available through these study guides enable individuals to work at their own pace. They also offer the convenience of being accessible online through smartphones, tablets or computers. Individuals can fit in study time while riding public transit or during a lunch break. Each course offers hundreds of lessons that cover all the material individuals will be tested on for that specific MTTC exam.

The MTTC tests are used by the state of Michigan as part of the certification process for teachers. This article explains what they are, the formats they're given in, the test objectives and when individuals need to take MTTC tests.

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