MTTC Test Results & Score Information


Understanding MTTC Test Scores

Educators in Michigan establish a predetermined standard for passing each MTTC test. The number of multiple-choice questions that examinees answer correctly and/or the number of points they receive for responses to constructed-response questions are converted to a scaled number between 100 and 300. Test-takers must score 220 or more on each exam to pass.

Examinees must wait until a test's score release date to get an official report on their test performance.

Options for Receiving Official Results

Test-takers can access their test results online through their MTTC accounts at 10 pm on the score release date. These scores will be available for up to 2 years. Individuals can also opt to receive an emailed report when they register for their MTTC tests.

Determining When Your Score Report Date Is

The MTTC website provides information about the score report dates for individuals taking computer and paper-based MTTC tests.

Score report dates for computerized tests are organized into month-long testing windows. The amount of time it takes to get test results can vary widely depending on when it was during the testing window that you took your MTTC exam. For example, individuals who took their MTTC exams on computer between February 26, 2018 and March 25, 2018 received scores on April 6, 2018.

There are fewer test dates available for paper-based tests. Score reporting times usually fall about a month after a test date. For example, individuals who took a paper-based MTTC test on January 13, 2018 did not receive their scores until February 9, 2018.

Preliminary Test Results

If you take your MTTC exam on computer and it is a multiple-choice test, then you can receive preliminary results the same day. These preliminary results are available at the test site once your testing period ends. They are not official results and are subject to change when the MTTC test is officially graded.

Score Reports

Official score reports only give individuals their numeric scores if they failed an MTTC test. The score report breaks a test down by subarea and indicates how well a test-taker did in each one. Performance indicators are noted with + signs. If you receive one + sign, it means you didn't answer many questions correctly or you lack sufficient skills in that area. Receiving two + signs means that you only answered some of the questions correctly or have limited skills or knowledge. Three + signs are given to individuals who got many questions right and demonstrated satisfactory performance. The highest performance indicator is four + signs. Four + signs are given to individuals who got most questions right and demonstrated a high level of skill.

MTTC Test Resources

To ensure that you review the proper material for your MTTC exams, take advantage of online study materials, such as the resources found in this collection of MTTC Study Guides. You can also explore some of the sample titles linked to below. These study guides each contain more than a hundred short lessons that are designed to let individuals work through the material for their exams at their own pace. They are convenient because they can be accessed on a computer or smartphone, so individuals can use them to study while on public transit, having lunch or taking a break at work.

The MTTC tests are used by the state of Michigan as part of the certification process for teachers. This article explains what they are, the formats they're given in, the test objectives and when individuals need to take MTTC tests.

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