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The National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) is designed to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals aiming to work in the counseling field. The exam is a licensure requirement in numerous states and one of two exam options for individuals aiming to earn National Certified Counselor (NCC) certification. The NCE covers eight CACREP content areas, including human growth and development, career counseling and professional counseling orientation. The exam also covers five NBCC work behaviors, including the counseling process, professional practice and fundamental counseling issues.

Preparing for the NCE can feel like a challenging prospect when considering the significant money, time and effort required. The good news is there are several options available to assist in the exam preparation process. To find out which options can best serve your needs, explore the following list of NCE test prep products and services.

Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS)

The Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS) offers NCE prep options for test takers looking for expert coaching, mock exam practice and a pass guarantee. The NCE Materials Package, priced at $325, provides full-length practice exams, physical study volume booklets, customizable online learning tools and informative study strategies. The Study Package + Workshop Bundle, priced at $425, offers everything found in the NCE Materials Package and includes live training with the Exam Strategies and Content Review Workshop. Test takers can also purchase counseling mock exams, study volumes and a webinar for as little as $175.

Dr. Arthur's NCE Study Program

Dr. Arthur's NCE Study Program is a test prep solution that has been updated for the DSM-5. The program features a study guide that covers all eight CACREP areas, 200-question online exams with detailed answers, personal consultations with Dr. Arthur and a pass guarantee. The Basic Package, which includes one online practice exam, is available for $189. The Enhanced Package, which includes three online practice exams, costs $229. The study guide is available as a physical book for an additional $13.95.

Mometrix Academy

The Mometrix Academy offers a free NCE practice test, which consists of 15 questions offering a clear idea of how well you currently understand key NCE concepts. The academy also provides the NCE Secrets Study Guide as both a physical book and ebook for $49.99 each. This guide offers practice test questions, study and test-taking tips and an overview of test topics. The NCE Flashcard Study System, which is available as a physical copy for $39.99, features physical flashcards and bonuses that include practice test questions, study and test-taking tips and the Special Report: The Leitner Method for Maximizing Flashcard Learning.

National Counseling Exam

National Counseling Exam, created by Dr. Linton Hutchinson, is a subscription-based service that provides unlimited access to a wide variety of NCE test prep tools for two days up to one year. Starting at $44.95, subscriptions offer full-length practice tests, customizable personal study goal options, video instruction, physical CD sets, learning games and definitions. Subscribers can also benefit from virtual flashcards, daily emails, counseling scenario case studies and options to review missed questions, track progress and view personal stats. Individuals can purchase a single practice test for as little as $35. A free 30-question exam is also available. is a comprehensive online learning platform for individuals preparing for the NCE exam. Among the test prep features available with this NCE study solution are in-depth video courses that cover all exam concepts, full transcripts of course lessons and multiple-choice lesson quizzes. The platform offers full-length practice tests that provide comprehensive diagnostic reports with detailed explanations of correct answers. also offers 24/7 access to online tutors, study tips, interactive flashcards and a customizable study planner. These resources are available with a monthly subscription fee.

AATBS Dr. Arthur's Program Mometrix National Counseling Exam
Price $175-$425 $189-$229 $0-$49.99 $0-$35 exams; $49.95+ for subscriptions Membership price varies
Flashcards w/Explanations
Comprehensive Content Overview
In-Depth Video Lessons w/Transcripts
Physical Books or Product
Access to Expert Tutors
Practice Tests/Questions
Digital Testing System
Detailed Answer Explanations
In-Depth Diagnostic to Identify Areas of Strength or Weakness
NCE Logistics & Test Taking Tips
Built-in Personalized Study Planning System
A Good Option For… Test preppers who enjoy physical and online study options like practice tests, audio lectures and one-on-one coaching. Exam takers interested in a study guide updated for the DSM-5 that covers all eight CACREP areas. Students who could benefit from a free practice test or an affordable study guide with physical flashcard sets. Individuals interested in flexible subscription options and unlimited access to unique NCE test prep tools like case studies, learning games and motivational videos. Test takers in search of a complete online study experience with video lessons and transcripts, full-length practice tests, virtual flashcards and tutoring assistance.
What is the NCE Exam?

The National Counselor Examination is a 200-question test given to prospective counselors for the purpose of earning National Certified Counselor recognition or state licensure.

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