NES Test Accommodations

Accommodations Available for NES Tests

Sometimes, people have legitimate conditions or circumstances that warrant reasonable adjustments to a test's format or the testing procedure. The NES tests allow these accommodations for applicants who qualify.

Individuals who have disabilities are eligible for testing accommodations as are nursing mothers and examinees for whom English is not their first language. All individuals seeking accommodations must apply to determine if they are eligible.

Types of Accommodations Offered

Extra Time

Applicants who feel they may need extra time to complete their test can apply to have 1.5 times the typical test length added to their testing session. This means that if a test normally takes 2 hours, successful applicants requesting more time would receive 3 hours to complete their tests.

Individuals who may qualify for additional testing time are applicants who do not speak English as their first language, individuals who need a break to take medication or applicants with a physical disability.


Some applicants may have a disability or medical reason that requires them to have access to a trackball mouse while taking the test. It is possible to apply to use this device when taking your NES test.

Access to Medical Devices

Many medical devices are permitted without requesting accommodations. If you need to have an EpiPen available or are wearing a cast, you do not need to submit a request. A full list of items that are permitted without an application is available on the Pearson Vue website.

Additional Support Professionals

Test applicants who are deaf or hard of hearing may request access to a sign language interpreter during their test. Other support professionals, such as oral interpreters, may also be requested by applicants who qualify.

Test Format Changes

Sometimes, applicants may have a good reason for asking for their test to be presented in a different way. For example, Braille tests are available to applicants who are blind or have serious visual impairments.

Application Process

Anyone requesting testing accommodations must submit an application form and provide the required documentation. Once they have submitted their application, it typically takes up to 3 weeks to receive a response to the request. In order to submit a request, applicants need to be registered to take the test already. They should also indicate on their registration form that they are applying for accommodations.

Required documentation includes a letter from a professional who is qualified to diagnose an applicant's condition. This letter must be printed on his/her letterhead and dated less than 5 years from the test date. It also needs to clearly indicate what the applicant's diagnosis is and what types of testing adjustment the professional recommends.

An academic history or the results of psychological or neurological tests may also need to be supplied.

In some cases, applicants can establish their eligibility with paperwork from their college or university. Applicants requesting a test in Braille, extra test time or the use of a sign language interpreter or oral interpreter can use an Institutional Verification of Documentation form. The school needs to verify that it has allowed an applicant to use the requested testing accommodations. This verification must be printed on its letterhead and signed. A school must also be able to provide copies of an applicant's accommodation requests that it has on file.

There is an appeal process available to applicants who are unsuccessful when they request accommodations.

Preparing for Your Test

There are many study guides and test preparation resources available that can help you get ready to successfully take your NES test. Listed below are just some of the NES Study Guides available for subject-area, essential skills and professional knowledge tests.

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NES stands for National Evaluation Series and refers to a group of teacher certification exams. Keep reading for more information on the different types of tests available and learn where and when you can take them.

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