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Fees for NES Tests

Most NES tests cost the same amount of money - $95 - regardless of how much time they take to complete. Exceptions include tests that contain multiple subtests. Information on Essential Academic Skills tests, Assessment of Professional Knowledge tests, and tests designed for elementary, middle, and secondary school grades are outlined below.

Essential Academic Skills Tests

The Essential Academic Skills test is made up of 4 subtests that cover reading, writing, mathematics, and technical literacy. Individuals can opt to take each test separately, take 2 or 3 tests at a time, or take all 4 tests in the same testing session. The test fees depend on the number of tests taken together.

The cost to take each of these subtests separately is $50 each. Applicants who take 2 subtests together will be charged $75. The fee for taking 3 subtests at the same time is $100. A $125 fee applies if an applicant opts to take all 4 subtests at the same time.

Professional Knowledge Tests

There are 2 Assessment of Professional Knowledge tests offered by NES. One is designed for elementary teachers, and the other is for secondary teachers. The tests are both 3 hours in length and include 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 constructed-response assignments.

Each Assessment of Professional Knowledge test costs $95.

Elementary Tests

Additional tests for aspiring elementary and early childhood education teachers each cost $95. Test options include:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Education (birth to prekindergarten)
  • Early Childhood Education (ages 3-8)
  • Essential Components of Elementary Reading Instruction
  • Elementary Education (subtests I and II)

Applicants can opt to take each Elementary Education subtest separately for $50 each, or they can take both tests together for $95.

Middle Grades Tests

There are 4 subject-area tests designed for aspiring middle school teachers. The Middle Grades English Language Arts, Middle Grades Mathematics, Middle Grades General Science and Middle Grades Social Science NES tests each cost $95. All tests are 3 hours in length, except for the mathematics test, which takes 5 hours.

Secondary Grades Tests

There are a number of subjects that high school teachers can specialize in. This chart covers the NES subject test options for secondary school grades, how long they take and how much they cost.

Subject Area Test LengthCost
Biology 3 hours $95
Business Education 3 hours $95
Chemistry 3.75 hours $95
Earth and Space Science 3 hours $95
English Language Arts 3 hours $95
Family and Consumer Sciences 3 hours $95
General Science 3 hours $95
History 3 hours $95
Mathematics 5 hours $95
Mathematics (Middle & Early Secondary Grades) 4.25 hours $95
Physics 3.75 hours $95
Social Science 3 hours $95

K-12 Subject-Area and Specialization Tests

Some teachers focus on a subject that is taught at all grade levels, such as music, or working with a specific group of students, such as students with special needs. This chart covers the K-12 testing areas along with the test lengths and costs. It also includes tests used to qualify other school staff, such as counselors and library media specialists.

Subject Area Test LengthCost
Art 3 hours $95
Chinese (Mandarin) 3 hours $95
Computer Science ~2 hours $95
English to Speakers of Other Languages 3 hours $95
French 3 hours $95
German 3 hours $95
Gifted Education 3 hours $95
Health 3 hours $95
Music 3 hours $95
Physical Education 3 hours $95
School Counselor 3 hours $95
School Library Media Specialists 3 hours $95
Spanish 3 hours $95
Special Education 3 hours $95

Payment Methods

To pay your NES test registration fee you must use:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Debit card with Visa or Mastercard logo
  • Check card with Visa or Mastercard logo
  • Voucher
  • Check

Once you've paid your registration fees, you'll have one year to schedule a test or cancel your registration.

National Evaluation Series Fee Waiver

A Fee Waiver Request Form can be used to apply for a waiver of NES registration fees. In order to qualify, you must be a financial aid recipient that is currently registered in a postsecondary degree program. There are also income limits that play a role in determining who qualifies for a waiver.

Preparing for NES Tests

Prior to scheduling your NES tests, you can use online study guides and test resources to familiarize yourself with the question formats and content that will be covered on your exam. Browse this collection of NES Courses to find study resources for over 30 tests, ranging from the elementary Assessment of Professional Knowledge test to secondary subject exams in subjects that include Chemistry, Mathematics, History, and Biology.

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