NES Test Day Preparation

Getting Ready for Your NES Test Day

National Evaluation Series (NES) tests are used to verify teachers' credentials so they can be certified. These tests are given at various locations, and there are several important factors that individuals should consider prior to test day to ensure they are prepared to successfully take their NES tests.

Knowing What to Take With You

Applicants must be able to verify their identify. Accepted forms of photo identification include:

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • ID Card

The identification must be produced by the government. It must also be in English. Only photo ID is accepted, and an individual must also have his or her signature on the ID.

Dressing for the Test

Conditions at each test site may vary. Some centers may be very warm while others may be cooler. This is one of the reasons it's a good idea to dress in layers. Applicants will be able to adjust by adding or removing layers.

The NES test website also requests applicants wear shoes with soft soles to minimize noise.

Packing Appropriately

There are several items that are not allowed in testing rooms. Prohibited items include:

CD or MP3 players Hats Cell phones
Handwritten notes Food Calculators
Beverages Tablets Computers
Gum Bags Some watches
Jewelry Wallets

It is important to be prepared to leave items like these in your vehicle or in a locker at the test location.

Individuals may also have their eyeglasses inspected. Medical devices are also prohibited unless the individual has applied for accommodations during testing.

Arriving on Time

You must be at the test site no less than 15 minutes before your test is scheduled to begin. In order to avoid unnecessary transit delays, it is helpful to visit your test site prior to your test date so you are familiar with the transit route. It is also a good idea to leave extra time to avoid complications from traffic delays.

Understanding Test Day Formalities

Once you've checked in, you will be given instructions about the testing process and expected to sign a nondisclosure agreement. You will also be asked to review the test rules. A copy of test rules is available online for individuals who wish to review it before test day, but some of the basic policies include the following:

  • Individuals are allowed to go to the bathroom during the test period.
  • Leaving the test site during testing is prohibited.
  • Texting, phoning or talking to people is prohibited during testing.
  • Video and audio monitoring is used when individuals are taking tests.

NES Study Materials

It is important to prepare thoroughly for your NES test prior to scheduling. Online resources like these NES Test Prep & Study Guides include self-paced video lessons, quizzes and practice tests that can help you effectively study for your NES test and arrive at the testing center well prepared.

Consider coupling them with these lessons on Developing Study Skills to get tips for making the most of your test-prep time.

What is the NES Test?

NES stands for National Evaluation Series and refers to a group of teacher certification exams. Keep reading for more information on the different types of tests available and learn where and when you can take them.

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