NES Tests in Arizona


Arizona NES Tests

In addition to other exams, Arizona uses a wide range of NES tests to ensure that teachers are highly qualified educators. This article will cover the NES exams that are used for teacher certification.

Assessment of Professional Knowledge

The NES offers the Assessment of Professional Knowledge tests at the elementary and secondary levels.

The elementary and secondary tests take 3 hours to complete and have a total of 102 questions or assignments. Those seeking special education or elementary certification are required to take the Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Elementary test.

Those who plan to work with middle or high school students must take the Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Secondary test.

Candidates seeking Career and Technical Education Certification or the Subject Matter Expert Certification (Grades 6-12), must also take the secondary test. For these two certification areas, this is the only NES testing requirement.

Educators who want to qualify for the Arts Education Certification can opt to take either the elementary or secondary test.

Subject Knowledge Tests

Passing an appropriate subject knowledge test is required for certification. The NES offers the Music and Arts tests for those seeking certification in Arts Education. Both exams are 3 hours long and include 150 questions.

Passing the Early Childhood subject knowledge test is required for Early Childhood Certification. This test takes 3 hours and contains 150 questions. To earn Elementary Certification applicants must be successful when taking the Elementary Education Subtests I and II. Subtest I takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete with 75 questions. Subtest II has 75 questions with 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete.

Special education teachers pursuing certification to work with students in grades K-12 can utilize the NES Special Education test for certification.

Secondary teachers must pass an appropriate subject knowledge test related to the subject area they wish to teach. NES options include:

Business Education Biology Chinese (Mandarin)
Chemistry English Language Arts French
General Science German Middle Grades General Science
Health Mathematics Middle Grades English Language Arts
History Physical Education Middle Grades Mathematics
Physics Social Science Middle Grades Social Science
Spanish History

Test Preparation

Prior to scheduling your NES tests, it is a good idea to plan sufficient study time and take advantage of online study materials. Using study guides can help you familiarize yourself with the question formats you should expect and the content that will be covered on your required NES exams. offers a wide variety of NES exam courses. Since all of our courses are self-paced, you can use them whenever you want to and even when you're on the go. You can check out the entire NES course library as well as some examples of courses below:

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This article looks at the cost of NES tests for different grade levels and subject areas. It also provides information on accepted payment methods and how to qualify for a test fee waiver.

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