New Careers for Teachers

Instructor: Eric Campos

Eric has tutored in English, writing, history, and other subjects.

A career as a teacher can be a springboard for a number of other occupations. Below are some ideas on how to pursue a new career that builds on your teaching background.

Alternative Teaching Careers

Being a teacher doesn't mean you have to be cemented in that role. Quite the opposite in fact: your skills as a teacher are valuable in a number of different careers. Learn about a few new career options that use the judgment, decision-making, listening, time management and writing skills you've developed during your career as a teacher.

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators are responsible for supervising and implementing school standards and curriculum. They are also in charge of developing methods to train and coordinate teachers and principals, as well as assess their progress. This field relies on many of the same skills and experiences teachers have. Check out Curriculum Development for Teachers and Applying Learning Theories in the Classroom for some insight on some of the criteria this position deals with.

Corporate Trainer

Various businesses and companies are in need of people to train their employees in everything from protocol to new technologies. This is a role that uses instructional methods to help employees perform their job effectively and grow within the company. Effective Instructional Strategies for Teachers and Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in Business can provide some ideas for how you can incorporate your instructional skills as a teacher into a business setting.

Museum Curator

Perhaps you love what you teach but would rather be outside of a classroom. One potential career for you may be as a museum curator. This is a position that will draw upon specific subject knowledge while also allowing you to impart that knowledge to other individuals. Being a teacher establishes you as having educational expertise and existing knowledge of the subject matter at hand. Curators may perform research, develop museum exhibits and conduct related education programs. As a museum curator, part of your job may include giving tours or lectures to visiting groups. You can prepare for this with our resource: Presentation Skills in the Workplace.