New Jersey Common Core State Standards

Instructor: Carrie Soucy
New Jersey is one of 42 U.S. states that has adopted Common Core State Standards. Read on to learn about those standards and resources to help teachers implement them.

Common Core Standards in New Jersey

In 2010, New Jersey adopted Common Core State Standards to replace their prior state standards for the subjects of math and English language arts (ELA). These standards outline the content knowledge and skills students should learn at each grade level, providing a guide for local school districts to create and implement appropriate curricula.

Common Core Math Standards

The state has math standards for each grade from kindergarten through grade eight, and then one set of standards for the high school level. Student expectations are arranged into similar groups of core concepts for grades K-5, grades 6 - 8 and high school.

Grade Level Core Concepts and Student Expectations
Grades K - 5 Use mathematical operations and think algebraically
Use Base Ten and fractional numbers and operations
Conduct measurements and analyze data
Understand geometric shapes, objects and functions
Grades 6 - 8 Understand and solve problems using ratios and proportional relationships
Exhibit understanding of the various components of the number system
Understand and use expressions and equations to solve problems
Demonstrate knowledge of geometric concepts in solving problems in the real-world and math
Demonstrate knowledge of and utilize statistical processes such as probability and inferences
Understand the definition and use of functions to model relationships
High School Understand number and quantity, including: the real number system, quantitative reasoning, the complex number system, and vector and matrix quantities
Demonstrate mastery of algebra, including: the structure of expressions, polynomials and rational functions, the creation of equations, and reasoning using equations and inequalities
Be able to interpret and build functions; understand exponential, linear and quadratic models
Understand geometric topics such as: congruence, similarity, right angles, trigonometry, circles, equations demonstrating geometric properties, measurement and dimension, and geometric modeling
Interpret quantitative and categorical data, make inferences and justify conclusions; understand the rules of probability, conditional probability, and probability in decision-making
Use modeling throughout all concept areas to analyze information and make appropriate conclusions and decisions.

Standards for Mathematical Practices

Math standards at all grade levels incorporate five mathematical practices. These practices should be integrated into instruction for all mathematical disciplines:

  • Problem solving
  • Abstract and quantitative reasoning
  • Constructing and critiquing arguments
  • Modeling
  • Appropriate usage of tools
  • Precise communication
  • Proper structure
  • Identifying regularity in repeated reasoning

Common Core ELA Standards

The Common Core ELA standards in New Jersey are arranged by grade from kindergarten through grade 8, and in two-year bands for grades 9/10 and 11/12. While the standards and expectations increase in complexity for students as they progress through elementary, middle, and high school, they focus on four key ELA content areas and the skills students should develop progressively within each.

ELA Subject Area Student Learning Expectations
Reading Informational Texts and Literature Understand key ideas and identify important details, analyze and assess the structure and style of different texts, analyze and evaluate content and arguments, be able to read and understand a variety of texts at different levels of complexity.
Writing Write arguments using evidence and reasoning, and explanatory texts examining ideas; produce writing that is well planned and structured; produce and publish writing.
Listening and Speaking Collaborate and converse with a variety of groups, communicate ideas clearly and effectively, analyze the speeches of others, present ideas in a manner that is appropriate for the audience, use visuals and other supplemental materials within presentations.
Language Demonstrate mastery of grammar and standard English verbally and in writing, use language knowledge to adapt speech and writing appropriately, analyze words and context to determine meaning, understand nuances such as figurative speech, build a comprehensive vocabulary appropriate for college and career.

The ELA standards also incorporate literacy standards for other academic subjects for grades 6 through 12. These literacy standards apply reading and writing expectations outlined above to the academic subjects of history/social studies, science and technical subjects.

Resources for Teachers offers many online courses designed to help New Jersey teachers develop instructional plans that align with Common Core standards. These courses may be used to develop ideas for lessons, or as supplemental instructional materials. See the chart below for the courses available by subject area and grade level.

Grade Level Math Resources ELA Resources
K - 5 Elementary Math Lesson Plans and Games, Math for Kids, 3rd-5th Grade Math English Language Arts for Kids
6 - 8 Grade 6: Statistics and Probability, The Number System, Geometry
Grade 7: Geometry, The Number System, Statistics and Probability, Expressions and Equations, Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Grade 8: The Number System, Functions, Geometry, Expressions and Equations, Statistics and Probability
Grade 7: Speaking & Listening, Writing, Language, Literature
Grade 8: Literature, Writing, Language
9 - 12 Geometry, Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Functions, Number and Quantity Grades 9-10: Literature, Grade 9-10: Writing, Grades 9-10 Language, Grades 9-10: Informational Text, Grades 9-10: Speaking and Listening
Grades 11-12: Language, Grades 11-12: Writing, Grades 11-12: Literature, Grades 11-12: Speaking and Listening, Grades 11-12: Informational Text

Other Content Standards in New Jersey

Along with the ELA and math Common Core State Standards, New Jersey also has state academic standards for 21st century life and careers, health and physical education, science, social studies, technology, visual and performing arts, and world languages. Details on these additional standards are available on the website of the New Jersey Department of Education (

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