New York State GED Requirements


TASC Eligibility Requirements

All potential examinees must complete an application to take the TASC and submit proof of their identity, age and residency. The test is only for individuals who haven't received their diploma or any other type of high school equivalency credential.

Additional eligibility requirements for the TASC vary with age. For example, applicants who turned 16 during the school year must wait until its end to be eligible for testing. All 16-year-olds must also submit proof that they're attending an Alternative High School Equivalency Prep Program or have been accepted into an educational institution or the military.

Seventeen- and 18-year-olds have additional options for meeting eligibility requirements, including proof of homeschooling or involvement in a Job Corps program. They can also qualify to test if they've been out of school for a year or their class has graduated.

TASC Testing Requirements

The TASC includes five subtests used to measure your understanding of reading, writing, social studies, science and mathematics. Altogether, you'll have nine hours to work on the exam, and the testing session may stretch from 1-2 days. In order to pass, you'll need to score at least 500 on each of the subtests. A score of two or higher on the prompt in the Writing subtest is required as well.

In addition to this writing prompt, you'll need to answer multiple-choice questions as well as constructed-response and technology-enhanced questions. You'll also be required to grid-in the solutions to some problems on the mathematics exam. Additional details about each subtest are outlined below.

Reading Test

This exam checks your reading comprehension skills. You'll need to be able to analyze a text, apply what you read and synthesize the information. You can prepare for this subtest by checking out this TASC Reading Prep Course. Short video lessons cover strategies for reading different forms of poetry and prose as well as the literary devices you'll find in various kinds of writing.

Writing Test

You'll need to demonstrate an understanding of sentence structure, word usage and organization in writing to complete this test. Your understanding of writing mechanics and conventions will also be assessed. Check out this TASC Writing Prep Course to review the rules regarding capitalization, punctuation and spelling. You'll also get tips for writing arguments and informative texts.

Mathematics Test

The questions on this subtest deal with such topics as number properties, algebraic expressions, systems of equations, geometric formulas, statistics and probability. Get ready for this exam with this TASC Mathematics Prep Course. Lessons can help you go over mathematical expressions and equations. You'll also be able to review functions, factoring, graphing and more.

Social Studies Test

Completing this exam ensures you understand US and world history, civics, government, geography and economics. You can review everything you need to know with this TASC Social Studies Prep Course. Check out historical information from around the world, dig into economic concepts and explore what you need to know about geography.

Science Test

You'll need to answer questions about physical, life, Earth and space science in order to complete this test. Go over these subjects with this TASC Science Prep Course. This study guide provides in-depth information about matter, chemical reactions, energy, the weather, nuclear science and more.

Retesting Requirements

The State of New York does allow three retests per year for the TASC, but these come with requirements as well. When you apply for your retest, you'll be required to send in a copy of your failure notice. You will also need to wait at least 60 days before retesting.

GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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