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Note: The NMTA tests have been discontinued. Teachers seeking certification in New Mexico are now required to take the Praxis exams. Please use this page if you need to review past information regarding the NMTA on who qualified for accommodations, available accommodations, and how students requested testing accommodations.

Who Qualifies for NMTA Testing Accommodations?

For the NMTA, testing accommodations may be provided for candidates if they:

  • Have a documented disability that would prevent them from being successful on an exam under normal testing conditions
  • Are nursing mothers
  • Can demonstrate that normal testing time is insufficient due to either a disability or English not being the candidate's primary language

What Kinds of Accommodations are Available?

Setting up testing accommodations will largely be the responsibility of Pearson VUE, the company that manages the testing centers. As a nationwide company, they have worked with many candidates and are capable of providing most reasonable accommodations. The most common accommodations, however, include the following:

  • Sign language interpreter
  • Oral interpreter/ exam reader
  • Braille test format
  • Extra testing time, generally in the form of time and a half

Accommodations for physical or sensory disabilities, such as wheelchair access or the use of large font and color contrast for testing, are also generally available. These accommodations are available to anyone who needs them and do not require a formal request.

Requesting a Testing Accommodation

Requesting a testing accommodation is not something you can do on the day of the exam. In order to ensure that your needs can be accommodated, you need to start this process early on.

This begins while registering for the exam. On the test registration, you will have an option to declare your intent to request alternative testing arrangements. This will let the test administrators know they need to start preparing to provide an accommodation.

The next step is to fill out the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form. This is where you will formally state your need for an accommodation. When you submit this form, you will have to provide documentation about your disability/need for accommodations. If your requested accommodation is for a disability, you can include an Institutional Verification of Documentation Form as your supporting documentation. This form, which must be printed on institutional letterhead, can be filled out by your college or university, stating that they have documentation of your need for testing accommodations. You can also have a licensed medical professional provide their official recommendations.

In either case, you will also need to provide a full educational history with accommodations received in the past five years OR results of psychological diagnostic tests for the past five years OR evaluations conducted by licensed professionals for physical disabilities.

If you are submitting a request because English is not your first language, you must submit documentation that shows that English is not your primary language. To do so, a signed statement from a representative at your school must be submitted. Alternatively, if you were born in a country where English is not the official or primary language, you can submit a copy of your birth certificate or visa.

All supporting documentation can be submitted online with the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form. Up to ten documents can be uploaded and submitted with this form.

Please note that you do not have to provide medical documentation in order to request adjustable tables, the use of a trackball mouse, or the use of a medical device in the testing room.

If you are submitting a request because you're a nursing mother, no documentation is needed. You just need to list the equipment that you'll be bringing to the testing center with you.

Once you've submitted all of this, you should get a notification of resolution emailed to you within 1-3 weeks. This will contain the instructions for scheduling your exam. While you will have to go through this process every time you register for an exam, the supporting documents are kept on file for up to a year, so it doesn't have to be resubmitted with the Alternative Testing Arrangements Form during that timeframe.

Studying and Preparation

There's no need to wait for your accommodation request to be fully processed before you start studying. Luckily, Study.com has resources available to help. A great starting place is the NMTA Information Guide. This page contains articles about the exam, flashcards, and practice tests to help you prepare. You can also look through the NMTA- New Mexico Teacher Assessments Courses, which contain detailed study guides for more than 25 NMTA exams. Each study guide has chapters of lessons on the subject, teaching skills and methods, and other knowledge you'll need for the exam.

The NMTA tests have been discontinued. Teachers seeking certification in New Mexico are now required to take the Praxis exams. Please use this page if you need to review past information regarding some of the top NMTA test prep materials, as well as factors that helped students decide what resource to use based on style and budget.

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