NYSTCE Exam Registration Information

Computer-Based & Paper-Based NYSTCE Registration

Registration for the computer-based and paper-based NYSTCE must be completed online. Just like any other standardized test, these exams have a limited number of seats that will fill up very quickly. It's a good idea to nail down a window of time for when you would like to take the exam several months in advance; NES recommends you get yourself registered at least thirty days ahead of your preferred exam date. In the case of the paper-based test, different registration deadlines exist, and you will incur some penalty fees if you fail to register before the end of the period.

Alternative Arrangements

The NYSTCE considers 'alternative' registrations to be those of test takers who have a disability, or those who have a religious obligation that would prevent them from taking a paper-based exam on a Saturday. If you meet either of these criteria, you should complete your registration as normal, and be sure to check the option indicating that you need special arrangements. It is vital that you wait for confirmation that your arrangements can be provided; if you go ahead with scheduling the appointment beforehand, you will be forced to cancel and go through the entire process all over again.

Personal Information

During the registration process, you will be asked a few questions pertaining to your educational history. These questions will remain completely anonymous and have no bearing on your score. Information you'll need to provide includes your current education level, matriculation status, first language, and the education code for the NYC Department of Education program type you are associated with.

NYSTCE Test Dates

If you are taking a computer-based NYSTCE test, the majority of the exams are available Monday-Saturday year round. The NES website for NYSTCE exams gives you the opportunity to look up seat availability and test center locations to help you plan your test schedule.

NYSTCE Exam Prep

Preparing for any of the NYSTCE exams is easy with subject-specific courses that were developed based on the actual exam objectives. Review the topics you need the most help with or go through an entire course to familiarize yourself with what you need to know for the test. Each lesson captures the essentials of a topic and only takes around five minutes apiece, so you can study when you have time. Study.com offers a number of subject courses to help you with NYSTCE exam preparation.

What are the NYSTCE Exams?

What the NYSTCE tests are and who is required to take them are explained in this article. The different types of NYSTCE tests and where to find study resources for some of them are also covered.

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