NYSTCE Score Report Information

NYSTCE Score Reporting Timelines

Most computer-based New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) can be taken throughout the year. You'll get your results on the next score reporting date to fall after your testing appointment. For example, if you take a test between August 7th and August 20th in 2017, you'll receive your score report on September 6th.

A few computer-based tests, including Family and Consumer Sciences, Blind and Visually Impaired, Dance, and School Leadership, can be taken only during specified date ranges. Examinees can expect to receive their official score reports around 3 weeks after the close of the testing window in which they took their exams.

If you opt to take a paper-based test, you'll have to sign up for one of four annual testing appointments. These test results are released about a month after an exam date.

Preliminary Scoring

Preliminary scores are available immediately for a few exams. These are not official score reports but, rather, a preview for the test taker. Computer-based tests that provide preliminary scores are:

  • Multi-Subject Part 3: Arts and Sciences
  • Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills
  • Communication and Quantitative Skills

Official Score Report Contents

Official reports for all tests may be accessed online starting at 10 a.m. on the day scores are released and are available for 45 days. These score reports are also automatically sent to the New York State Education Department. Reports include an examinee's overall score compared to the minimum passing score for an exam and individual scores for each multiple-choice or constructed-response section of the test.

Prep Courses for NYSTCE Tests

Free test guides are available on the NYSTCE website (nystce.nesinc.com). Aspiring teachers in New York might also benefit from taking online courses to prepare for their exams. Study.com's NYSTCE prep courses include video lessons and practice exams to refresh a test taker's subject knowledge and acquaint them with a test's content. See the prep courses available for these NYSTCE tests:

What are the NYSTCE Exams?

What the NYSTCE tests are and who is required to take them are explained in this article. The different types of NYSTCE tests and where to find study resources for some of them are also covered.

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