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Accommodations for Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE)

In some circumstances, individuals qualify for alternative testing arrangements when sitting for an OAE test. Before scheduling an exam, it is a good idea to review the OAE alternate testing policy to determine if you qualify and what kind of test adjustments you may be eligible for.


There are a number of reasons that a person may qualify for testing accommodations, and the reason a person qualifies may impact the type of accommodations he or she is eligible for. It should be noted that having any of these conditions does not automatically guarantee that an individual will qualify for accommodations. He or she must go through the application process. Two individuals with the same general diagnosis may not qualify for the same testing adjustments.

  • Medical Conditions: Some individuals may have specific needs based on a medical condition, such as diabetes.
  • Physical Disabilities: A number of physical disabilities may qualify individuals for adjustments to the testing process. Examples include motor disabilities and visual or hearing impairments.
  • Learning Disabilities: Some individuals have disabilities that have a direct impact on their learning process. One example is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Cognitive Disabilities: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and autism are two examples of cognitive disabilities.
  • Speaking English as a Second Language: Individuals who have a first language other than English may be eligible for extra testing time.
  • Individuals Who Are Nursing: Nursing mothers may be permitted access to equipment to pump milk during the testing period and may also be allowed to bring equipment to store milk in.

Types of Accommodations Offered

The specific testing adjustments can vary widely. Examples of ways the test itself can be adjusted include providing the test in Braille.

Other individuals may qualify to have the testing conditions altered. Ways testing conditions can be changed to accommodate individuals with legitimate needs include:

  • Allowing access to medical equipment
  • Providing the test-taker with extra testing time
  • Being allowed to use a track-ball mouse
  • Allowing access to a sign language or oral interpreter

How to Apply for Alternative Testing Arrangements

There are several steps to follow when applying for accommodations.

Step 1: Get Required Documentation

The OAE website outlines the types of supporting documentation that individuals may need. It is common for applicants to be required to have a letter from a medical doctor or other professional. This must be a person who has the qualifications required to diagnose and treat their condition. The letter must be printed on the professional's letterhead and must include the diagnosis and types of testing adjustments the professional recommends. It must also be signed by that professional.

Other types of documentation individuals may need include copies of their academic records so they can demonstrate that they have received testing accommodations in the past. They can also produce medical test results, such as MRIs or other types of tests used to diagnose their condition.

Step 2: Complete the Registration Process

All individuals who plan to take an OAE test must create an account on the OAE website. Through that account, they can register and pay for their exams. Individuals who are applying for accommodations should not schedule the test when they register, but they should declare their intention to apply for testing adjustments.

Step 3: Complete the Alternative Testing Arrangements Form

The Alternative Testing Arrangements Form is provided on the OAE website. Individuals must provide all the required information. They can upload their documents to this application and submit it online.

Step 4: Schedule a Testing Appointment

Once individuals have received approval for their testing adjustments, they can follow the steps required to schedule their OAE exam. These directions are provided via email notifications and through test-takers' OAE accounts.

OAE Test Resources

Before scheduling your OAE exam it is a good idea to take advantage of extensive review materials such as these OAE Study Guides. Each of these study courses offer hundreds of lessons that will help you work through all the relevant material for your OAE test. Available titles include:

This article introduces the OAE exams and how they are used. It looks at who is required to take OAE tests, as well as the primary types of OAE tests.

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