OAE Test Retake Policy


Policy for Retaking OAE Exams

In the event that you did not earn a passing score the first time you took an Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) test, you can take the test again. The only restriction for individuals who are retaking OAE tests is that they must fulfill a waiting period of no less than 30 days from the last date they took a test.

Registration Process for Retakes

Individuals who need to take the OAE again must re-register. This means they must log in to their user account on the OAE website and opt to register for the test, pay the registration fees and schedule their OAE exam.

Reasons Individuals May Fail the OAE

There are a number of factors that can affect an individual's performance on the OAE exam.

They Did Not Apply for Accommodations

In some cases, test-takers may qualify for testing adjustments, such as being given extra time to complete the OAE test or having access to medical equipment. Adjustments may be approved for people who speak English as a second language, have a diagnosed disability or have various other medical conditions. It is important to review the information on the OAE website about alternative testing arrangements to determine if you may qualify for modifications to the test or the testing process.

Individuals who qualify but do not apply, or who schedule their test without the approved accommodations, may find that their performance on the test is impacted.

They Did Not Arrive on Time

Individuals who are scheduled to take an OAE exam are asked to be at their test site no less than 15 minutes before a test is scheduled to begin. Individuals who are late on test day may not be allowed to take their exams. In the event that a person arrives late and misses an exam, he/she will need to register to retake the test.

They Did Not Have the Right ID

Individuals will not be allowed to enter a test site and complete their OAE exams without acceptable identification. The OAE website outlines the identification policy. All individuals are required to show ID issued by the government, and the name on the ID and the name on the registration must match. Accepted forms of ID must also have a person's picture and signature displayed. Green cards, driver's licenses and military ID are all examples of forms of identification that comply with the ID policy.

They Did Not Study Enough

Individuals may underestimate how much time they need to review all of the information that is covered on their OAE exam. It is important to make sure you schedule study time to ensure that you will be able to review all the material you will be tested on before your exam date.

OAE Test Resources

One way to help prevent the need for retaking an OAE exam is to do an exhaustive review of the information that you will be tested on. This collection of OAE Study Guides, which includes the ones linked to below, was designed for individuals looking for OAE test-prep resources that allow them to work through material at their own pace. The courses contain hundreds of lessons that cover all of the relevant material for each OAE test.

This article introduces the OAE exams and how they are used. It looks at who is required to take OAE tests, as well as the primary types of OAE tests.

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