OAE Testing Centers & Dates

What are the OAE testing dates?

Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) exams are computer-based and are typically administered year-round at testing sites located across the country. To identify dates and times when it is possible to take your OAE test, you can use the Pearson VUE website. A link to this resource is also provided on the page for your specific OAE test.

For instance, to see the specific OAE testing dates for the Computer Science (054) exam, which replaced Computer Information Systems as of 16 December 2019, click on this link. Under Assessment Dates you will see the test is offered year-round on a first come, first served basis. There is a link to see real-time seat availability and a link to locate a testing center.

Where are the OAE testing centers?

OAE tests are administered at Pearson VUE test centers. The OAE website for your test provides a link to an app on the Pearson VUE website that will allow you to locate OAE testing centers in your area. You will need to find a nearby testing center with seats open on the date and time you want to test.

To locate a specific OAE testing center:

  • Go to the OAE website on Pearson Vue
  • On the right-hand side click on find a test center
  • Type in your location information whether it be a zip code or a city name followed by a state.
  • Review the options that generate. They will come up in a list and map format.
  • If you would like to take the test on a military base, follow this link: Military Testing Centers for the OAE. You must verify you have access to the base and then a drop-down menu of locations will appear.

How do I find specific OAE test dates?

  • Step 1: Follow the steps for locating an OAE testing center. You must select your OAE test and provide location information. This is because this app is designed to determine the available space at your preferred test sites.
  • Step 2: Once you have provided location information and been given a list of possible test sites in the area, you can choose up to three test sites where you would prefer to take your test.
  • Step 3: Review the available testing dates.
  • Step 4: After you select your possible test sites you will be shown a calendar for each test site. The calendar will indicate which dates have available space for testing. When you click on a specific date you will be shown the test start times that still have seats available.
  • Step 5: Locating a test center and available testing date does not ensure you will be able to take your OAE exam at that time and location. In order to secure your spot, you must register through your account on the OAE website and then schedule your test.

What are the OAE score report dates?

After you click on the specific OAE test you would like to take on the Ohio Assessments for Educators website, you will be able to locate a specific link that will bring up the score reporting windows for that particular test. The dates are listed in the testing window. Locate the time period in which you will take the test and it will tell you its corresponding OAE test score reporting date.

What are the best OAE test study resources?

These OAE Study Guides were developed to help you review all of the relevant material for your OAE tests. These Study.com courses allow you to set your own review schedule. They also offer the convenience of being accessible online. Titles include:

This article introduces the OAE exams and how they are used. It looks at who is required to take OAE tests, as well as the primary types of OAE tests.

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