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Persuasive Writing Prompts

Instructor: Adam Nystrom

Adam owns a Master's degree in Professional and Digital Media Writing. During his time as a graduate assistant, he developed lesson plans for upper-level English courses.

Writing an argumentative piece for your audience might require some outside research but getting your point across will be worth it. Have a look at this article to explore some prompts to write in a persuasive manner.

What Are Some Arguments to Make?

Unlike narratives, persuasive prompts will require some basis in reality, where you can seek out factual information in order to assert your position. Here are some ideas to consider, and some information on how you can expand on your side of the argument.

Adding a Sport to a School

Consider the idea of a high school, college or university expanding its program to include a competitive sport not currently included in the athletic program. Are you for or against the idea, and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of adding your selected sport, and how does it affect the rest of the campus and its academic programs?

Reducing TV Consumption

Look up current research that studies the amount of TV hours the average person watches in a day or a week. How do you feel about it, and what should be done (if anything) to change it? Does the research take current streaming services into consideration, as well as viewing TV on your mobile devices?

Reading Books on Paper vs. Electronic Devices

Digital reading is here to stay, and it has had a significant impact on traditional book publishing. Which format is better, and why? Is there any merit in reading an old-fashioned book, or is it more environmentally friendly to stick to e-reading?

Persuasive Writing Resources

No matter your level of expertise, has resources to help you with persuasive writing. Check out the following lessons: