PERT Test Accommodations


Who Qualifies for PERT Accommodations?

Individuals with diagnosed disabilities can qualify for accommodations for the PERT test. Accommodations may be available to both those with permanent disabilities and those with temporary disabilities, such as a limitation due to an injury or accident. Accommodations may also be available for those who do not speak English as their first language.

Types of Accommodations Offered

The specific modifications that a person may receive can vary. They are determined based on the individual's assessed need for adjustments, and there are no preset guidelines for what adjustments will be offered.

Option for All Test Takers

One of the key distinctions of the PERT exam is that there is no time restriction placed on students who are taking the test. This means that those who may need to apply for extra test time for other exams do not need to do this when taking the PERT.

Examples of Accommodation Options

Individuals who have specific needs may qualify to receive a paper version of the PERT exam. The test is also available in Braille for individuals who have visual impairments. The PERT exam is also a computer-based test and has some modification options built into the test. Individuals who have been approved for accommodations can manipulate the font size and the font color. They can also change the background color the test questions are presented on. Other testing accommodations are offered on a case by case basis.

How To Qualify

Methods for qualification can vary depending on whether the test is being taken at a high school or a college/university.

Those Taking the Test at a High School

Individuals who are taking the PERT at a high school may already be approved for test adjustments through a 504 Plan or IEP. They may not need to go through an application process if they are already receiving test accommodations.

Those Taking the Test at a College

Individuals who are planning to take the PERT at a college must complete the school's application process. This process can vary from one school to the next and may involve meeting with staff from the school's department for students with disabilities and providing documentation concerning their disability. Each application is reviewed independently. Once a decision is made, the individual and the testing center are informed of any approved accommodations. Students can then schedule their test with accommodations at the testing center.

PERT Study Materials

Before registering to take the PERT exam it is a good idea to ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed all of the information that will be on the test. This PERT: Practice & Study Guide Course is an excellent resource that individuals can use to comprehensively study all of the test material. It contains 101 self-paced lessons that individuals can work on anywhere they have an internet connection. This course, like all of's courses, can be accessed from a smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet. Students can use the self-assessment quizzes and tests throughout the course to gauge their understanding of the material that will be on the PERT test.

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Use this article to learn where the PERT test is used, what its purpose is and who is required to take it. Information about PERT study resources and retakes is also provided.

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