PERT Test Cost


How Much Does the PERT Test Cost?

All high school students in the state of Florida are required to take the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) unless they qualify for a PERT test exemption through scores on other standardized tests. Individuals who take the test in high school are not required to pay any test fees for the exam. The fees for taking the test at a college vary.

Initial College PERT Test Fees

Students who are going to attend college in Florida are typically able to take the PERT exam at their school for free. Those who need to take the PERT test at a college they are not registered to attend may be required to pay a test fee to the school hosting their test. For example, Miami Dade College charges students who are planning to attend other colleges $45 to take the PERT at one of its campuses. Broward College charges individuals who are not Broward students $15 to take the PERT test.

Retake Fees

Students retaking the PERT exam in high school might be able to take the test a second time for free. Dual enrollment students or high school students who opt to retake the test at a college typically have to pay the college's retake fees.

College students who retake the test are also required to pay. The retake fee is typically between $10 and $15.

Since individual colleges determine the test fees, it is important to check with the school you plan to attend to find out how much it will cost to retake the PERT exam.

Preparing for the Test

Individuals can help increase the likelihood that they will be successful on their first testing attempt if they use good study resources and employ good study strategies before they take the PERT test.

PERT Prep Course

One study option that individuals can consider is this PERT:Practice & Study Guide. This course contains 101 lessons developed with the goal of taking individuals through all of the material that is covered on the PERT test. It offers the convenience of a self-directed study schedule because individuals can access the lessons online at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. There is also a PERT Practice Test & Final Exam to help them determine when they're ready to test.

Study Guide

The Florida Department of Education website provides links to a PERT test study guide. It includes test-taking tips and an outline of content found on each of the math, reading and writing sections. There are also sample questions and answer keys to help students get acquainted with the types of questions they'll be asked.

Study Groups

For some people, it's easy to rationalize skipping study sessions. Others may be aware that they tend to focus on areas of interest instead of studying for the parts of the test they may struggle with. Students who find themselves in these situations might want to consider working with a study partner or a study group. This test prep strategy can be a good way to ensure consistent study time and a thorough review of the material that's on the test.

Study Schedule

It is important for students to recognize how much time is needed to properly study for the PERT exam and adjust their schedules accordingly so they are able to review all of the material on the test.

Use this article to learn where the PERT test is used, what its purpose is and who is required to take it. Information about PERT study resources and retakes is also provided.

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