PERT Test Day Preparation

How to Be Ready on Your PERT Test Day

In addition to studying the material that you will be tested on, when preparing for the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) you should be aware of any resources you may need on test day and ensure that you make any advance preparations required. The preparation strategies you may need to employ can differ depending on whether you are taking the test at a high school or college.

Things to Bring on Test Day

Students taking the PERT exam at high schools may not need to worry about presenting identification, but those testing at colleges must show ID. Accepted forms of ID must be government-issued, such as a driver's license. College students also need their student ID number. High school students taking the test at a college may be permitted to use an ID letter from their school that meets the college's criteria or they must be able to show government-issued ID.

Things to Know on Test Day

Know What Time to Be There: Unless you are taking the test at your high school, you will need to know what time you are scheduled to take your exam or the open testing period hours. It is a good idea to arrive early to give yourself enough time to check in and provide information the test site may need.

Know Where You're Going: If testing at a college or university, you should confirm the test site address and make sure you have directions to that site. It is a good idea to travel there in advance so that you are familiar with the route, know where local parking is, and know how long it will take to get there.

Know What's on the Test: Be sure to access reputable resource materials to help you prepare effectively for the PERT exam.

  • PERT Study Guide: The Florida Department of Education website has a PERT Study Guide that you can access online or download for free. This study guide identifies the focus of the three PERT subtests and provides sample questions and answers you can use when studying.
  • PERT Study Course: This PERT: Practice & Study Guide Course contains 101 online, self-paced lessons that you can use to review all of the information on the PERT tests. The course also culminates with a PERT Final Exam.

Making Arrangements to Take the Test

You may or may not need to register in advance to take the PERT test. Florida high school students taking the PERT exam at their school will not need to make independent plans to take the PERT test because it is a requirement incorporated into their school schedule.

College students may be able to walk in during open testing periods and register on the spot to take the test. Other schools require students to phone and book a test time or register online. Anyone planning to take the PERT test at a postsecondary institution should check its website for information about PERT test registration.


Students who are already on a 504 plan or who have an IEP typically qualify for test accommodations and should not need to apply for adjustments. Individuals who have questions about the accommodations they will receive can consult their guidance counselors or school staff who oversee PERT testing.

Colleges also make special testing adjustments for individuals who qualify. Typically, colleges require that individuals contact their disability services department and supply documentation to show what their diagnosis is and what type of accommodations they qualify to receive. Applications are processed individually; each test-taker who is applying for accommodations should do so as soon as possible and receive approval before scheduling a PERT test.

Things to Know About Testing Conditions

Number and Type of Questions: There are three subtests that make up the PERT exam. The subtest subject areas are writing, reading and mathematics. Each of the three subtests has 30 multiple-choice questions.

Access to Calculators: On-screen calculators are provided through the computerized testing system; you are not allowed to use any other calculator while taking the exam.

Test Adjustments: Most students take the test via computer. This format allows you to change the font size and other display features, such as the background color.

Computer-Based Testing System: The questions you will be asked may vary from what another test-taker is asked. The system is constantly assessing your answers and then selecting questions based on whether or not you answered correctly or incorrectly. Due to the nature of the computer-based testing system, it is not possible to skip questions. You also can't change your answers once you've submitted them. If you're stuck on a question, take your best guess.

Time Limits: You will receive an unlimited amount of time to complete the PERT exam. This means that you do not need to feel rushed. Take as much time as you need to work through the questions on the test.

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Use this article to learn where the PERT test is used, what its purpose is and who is required to take it. Information about PERT study resources and retakes is also provided.

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